Saturday, September 3, 2011

Am I Becoming a Cougar? Nah....

Coming Soon.....

I am noticing that younger men seem to be greatly attracted to older women who write erotic romance.  Is it because we aren't afraid to express our sexuality?  Do they think we are teasing them when we fail to blush at some outrageous innuendo?  Does writing hot romance suddenly place this large, blinking red sign across our forehead that reads "Here I am...drool over me!"?

Now, don't get me wrong.  I truly enjoy flirting with younger guys.  But when someone indicates they would like to take the flirt to a more personal level, I freeze frame!  Now, I am not normally considered "drool-worthy" by any means.  And at my age, I have issues about getting down and dirty with a man 20 years my junior.  But it sure is fun to flirt....

Maybe if I could drop 50 pounds...and get liposuction...and a face lift... and maybe a tummy tuck ( a BIG one!), I would feel less nervous about changing from a fun flirt to a "get-up-close-and-dirty-down" with some young hottie.  Of course, a man 20 years my junior is certainly not "young"...LOL!  But he is waaaay younger than me.

Does this conversation make me a Cougar?  Or does it simply make me a wishful-thinking, dirty-minded old fart?

Either way, it certainly adds spice to stories and I am going off to write again!

Fran Lee

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