Friday, August 26, 2011

Sexy Dreams

I have to laugh.

My husband gets so mad because he cannot dream about sex. Every single time he's in the middle of some sexy dream with some mystery babe, he stops and says..."I can't, I'm married."

I have no such problem. I know I'm dreaming so I give myself permission to do whatever I want. It's a dream, for crying out loud!

For years I've practiced what's called lucid dreaming. I read about it when I was in high school. A lucid dream is a dream in which one aware that one is dreaming. I can often control the direction and the outcome of the dream. Here's a link to Wikepedia:
I also found this from the Lucid Dreaming Institute (had no idea such an institute existed)

You too can learn the art of lucid dreaming! In any case, I'm taking Kat's advice - going to write more stream of consciousness. The Artist speaks with my real voice. No parlor tricks. Just me.


  1. I have a VERY active dream life!! I dream in color, can many times "create" a dream before I go to sleep, and have dreams that re-run on a regular basis. This is great for sexy dreams, but problematic for nightmares! I still remember a terrifying nightmare I had at around 7 years old!
    I never realized the important role dreaming plays in my life until I was put on a medication a few years ago that robbed me of the ability to do so. It was so noticeable to me, and incredibly disruptive to my awaking time that I had the doctor get me off it asap!

  2. Julia, I love your stream of consciousness writing. I thought it was so refreshing to read something organic that didn't conform to a format. It flowed just like a personal thought, very brave and lovely.
    XXOO Kat

  3. Kat,
    As always, you hit the nail on the head!
    The Artist is exceptional and indeed incredibly brave in its intimacy. I was completely blown away when I read it.

  4. Oh your poor husband. He's missing out on dream sex! lol


  5. You all are so lovely and cool! Tessie - I bet your dream life is vivid! Lucid dreaming is great. I turn nightmares around as much as I can.

    Yeah, Amber, poor hubby! LOL!

    Me too, Cerise!

    Thanks for your words, Kat. I'm taking your advice this next writing year.


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