Friday, August 19, 2011

Late as usual!

Can't help it. Busy! Fridays are tough because my husband works from home, we get out hiking at the crack of dawn and then he likes to actually eat breakfast and drink coffee. I usually just grab a banana. Okay, no more complaining!

I'm at Book Lovers, Inc. today:

Stop by and maybe win a copy of Incorporeal! Happy weekend! Julia


  1. You're not late, your Friday afternoon post is early! It caught me off guard.
    XXOO Kat
    PS How do you keep up with all the blogging you do? You're everywhere!

  2. Hey at least you show up. Most times lately I don't! :)

    I'm with Kat, how do you keep up with all that blogging?


  3. Hey Julia, happy Friday! Great post @ Book Lovers Inc!

  4. Blogging...sigh...I just do it. Does cut into my writing time though. Last night I stared at a page of my WIP for five minutes before I realized the story was telling me it was time for a chapter break.


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