Thursday, August 18, 2011

I recently read another article that blamed Erotic Romance novels for the crumbling moral fiber of the entire planet! Who knew we authors had so much power??!

Romance novels have been around for a very long time; full of larger than life heroes, extravagant locations, and undying loves that triumph over insurmountable challenges.

So, does the evil lie in the use of correct terminology for the human anatomy? Maybe it’s the honest exploration of all of the many facets of the sex act?

What concerns me most is that in these modern times, much of the negative dialog suggests that female sexuality is something that shouldn’t be discussed and celebrated openly, and that women are not intelligent enough to separate real life from fiction. Seriously?

I think we all fully understand that most men are not in excess of six-feet four inches tall, possess a perfect set of eight-pack abs, and whose only reason for living is to protect/worship/understand/support/satisfy their woman! Vamps, aliens and shifters are wonderful characters, but I’m betting the vast majority of female readers are pretty damn clear on the fact that they aren’t going to be meeting one any time soon.

I’d call bullshit on anyone who declares their relationship with their significant other “perfect”, or who blames the demise of a relationship on a book. But can Erotic Romance really affect a woman’s life? I say, “Hell yes”!! Isn’t it empowering to read about women who overcome all kinds of issues on their journey of self discovery? What about discovering new positions, toys, and games that spice up the real world bedroom? How about the simple fact that a beautiful love story makes the reader happy?! Yep, all terrible consequences…

Speaking of evil Erotic Romances, Pampering Jessica, received a wonderful review from Book Wenches~

“Jessica is a very relatable woman, as she is someone who is so busy with her life and responsibilities that sometimes she ends up sacrificing too much, including her own needs, to take care of those around her. She is a strong, caring person who would do anything for those she loves, and the author gives her an incredibly vulnerable aspect which we get to see pop up throughout the story. Jessica is luckier than most women, though, because she has the love and support of a great husband who sometimes understands her better than she understands herself.
David is the epitome of a dream husband. He works hard to support his family, and he is fully devoted to his wife and their marriage, even when times are tough. He is also incredibly sexy, romantic and creative. His pampering treats for Jessica will set your heart aflutter and get you all tingly where it counts.”

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats on the review. I loved the book too! :)


  2. I thought "Pampering Jessica" was a terrific contribution to the downfall of western civilization. It was sexy, romantic and (Gasp!) the characters are in a long term committed relationship and old enough to be on the AARP's mailing list-yet they're still in love and enjoying life!
    How twisted, no wonder romance novels are ruining America... lol
    Congratulations Tessie on the great (or socially subversive?) review! Get your freak on and write more stories like this one!
    XXOO Kat

  3. Tess, congrats on the review! Well deserved! In case the general public hasn't noticed, most media revolves around romance or the potential for romance. TV, movies, books, Helen of Troy - c'mon! It's all about love and lust. Always has been!
    Besides, romance readers have better sex lives. I think that will be my next survey!

  4. Kat, your comment just made me burst out laughing at my desk, causing co-workers to raise questioning eyebrows!!
    I MUST be twisted! Everybody knows that hot lovin' and ejoying life belong only to those under 40!??!!

  5. Julia, that would be a fantastic survey!! BTW, I took your current one and can't wait to hear what the results are.

  6. Julia's right let's blame the Greeks! They were the first to introduce long, drawn out dramas and convince everyone they were children of the gods.
    It was the Greeks who ruined western civilization, I'm almost certain of
    XXOO Kat

  7. So we don't really hold the moral future of the world in our little hands??? Well, crap, I best go stop my daughter from sewing the Tessie Bradford logo on my superhero costume!

  8. No! Super Bradford must be allowed to soar and bring her own debauched brand of romantic happiness to people who are still silly enough to believe love can be fun, selfless and well worth your time. Please continue ruining us! lol
    XXOO Kat


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