Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back Temporarily

The other day fellow author and friend Anny Cook blogged about the decrease in sales and whether or not it’s worth continuing to bust your butt to put out stories that people just aren’t buying.
Like Anny I began tracking my sales in a spreadsheet at the beginning of the year. Let me just say sales aren’t what they used to be. I didn’t write as many stories as I had last year, but it shouldn’t make a difference. Everyone said you need a backlist. Well, I have one – 25+ books long.
I do have two books that sell well – Adrift and Gettin’ Lucky. Two different publishing houses and two different stories. So why do they sell so well? Beats me.
Then yesterday I received 4 reviews for 3 different books. The first one was really good for Hit Me. The next three came hours later and within minutes of each other. Each was not so great. Hit Me, Chasing Forever and Just Another Rainy Day. So maybe it’s my writing. Maybe because I’m not grieving as much I’ve lost something in my ability to write a decent story. Could be I’ve lost my mojo. ;o) Whatever the reason things are not panning out the way I thought they would by now.
I couldn’t write full time if I wanted. Where I once made $500 a month I’m lucky if I get $100…and that’s from 4 publishers. I want to be able to spend more time with my new daughter. I’d like to quit my day job, but again, the money just isn’t there right now.
So where does that leave me? To focus more on my non-fiction writing. It’s more productive and lucrative. I’m going to finish the one book I’m writing because it’s contracted. Not sure how long I’ll be on hiatus. At least until the writing bug strikes me again or I feel I just have to write.
I’ll continue to blog here if I have something to write about or something worthwhile to share.


  1. Amber!
    Do not be discouraged. But do not fail to enjoy your life, either! NOTHING can replace the time you spend with your new baby. Or the rest of your family.
    And reviewers? FORGET THEM. The only ones you need to please are your editors.
    And if you take time to create a story you adore and you feel is superb, bravo.
    Plus you have to remember that the industry is in flux. When hasn't it been?
    This is a big topic. Hard to post in a few words all the things I want to say to you.
    But the biggest is, do not block out your life to pump out stories to make a $. Esp. if you have income from the day job. Sad but true, day jobs are the way most of us have supported ourselves through thick and thin.
    Oh, this rambles!!!!!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! It's not you and the answer isn't to write faster. Take this break and relish the beautiful little gift you've just received, and know that when you come back it will not be business as usual. It will be a new business and hopefully one that's better suited to your many talents. There's a lot of good stuff on the horizon.
    XXOO Kat

  3. Kat and Cerise are both right. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason. For example, there's this book I read that is a major POS (nobody we know) and yet it's in the top 100 of Amazon sales. Major POS. How does this happen? Who can say?
    I guess Dear Author just did some sort of post or tweet about how book sales pick up after they give a book a D or an F review. Makes sense to me - notoriety - everybody wants to know why.
    My books with the best reviews have the worst sales. ?

  4. Amber, Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!!
    Try not to let reviews get you down, your publishers, editors and fans love your books!

  5. Thanks ladies. It's not the reviews. I normally don't let them get to me. It comes down to the lack of sales. Not worth busting my butt to create what I hope are entertaining stories.


  6. Both books sound wonderful - congratulations, Tessie and Julia! Tina Donahue

  7. The market's changed so much...and there is more book competition. I'm struggling, too, with trying to write when I'm not sure I still "have it".
    Don't give comes first, and that happens to me a lot, but make time to do what you want. If writing is what you want to do, do it for yourself.

  8. Awwwww, you have a sweet baby. Take a break. I am, too. And when things settle, maybe I'll go back. In the meantime spend that precious time with Little Twinkletoes...


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