Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm right behind you, Julia!

I haven't been around for a month or more...

Severe and abject depression...NOT!  Snort!  Just living with my own stupidity...and that isn't very easy.

I forgot that most editors are working a "real" job, and can only get to your books when they have the time.  So after subbing and getting a contract, I now find that my edits will not even begin for another month or so.  Sigh.

 I adore my editor. Please don't get me wrong. But I have been dormant for so long, I can't wait several months for a book to take shape.  It's my own damn fault...I know that.  So now I either live with it...or...take the leap.

I am about to take the dive into self-publishing a couple of my books, just to get them out there.  And even though several friends have done just that, I find that leap terrifying.

I have several novellas that could be put into publication quickly.  I can make myself self-edit as ruthlessly as my past editors.  I can make myself toe the line.  But stepping out into the great unknown is rough.  :P

I have been getting a lot of fan mail asking when my next book is coming out.  I know for a fact that authors LOSE readers when they have so few books coming out. You have to stay on that roll.  If you do like I did, and let things get you down, and stop fighting, you can easily lose all the ground you've gained.

I think that I will be asking around and checking out possibilities.  Any ideas?


Fran Lee


  1. Fran I think you should do it! By all means get the energy flowing again.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Hi Fran!!
    I think it's fantastic that you're going to self-pub! I'm envious of your guts to take the leap!

  3. Go for it. Formatting is the biggest challenge. Pay someone a few bucks to do it and price your books right - $.99 - $2.99 depending upon length. You have nothing to lose. Sales aren't off the charts, at least not yet, but I am still in a half-full mode. Feel free to borrow my site for promo too.

  4. Thanks, loves! I truly appreciate all the encouragement!


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