Thursday, July 14, 2011

Has it Only Been Two Weeks?

I was chatting with an author buddie recently regarding the concept of time in relation to writing.

Days zip by at lightening speed when a deadline is looming. Minutes drag on like days when waiting to hear if a manuscript has been accepted. Nights are endless when sleep won't come due to obssessing over an unresolved story issue. And of course, there never seems to be enough time to devote to blogging, emailing, and promo-ing!

Since my June 30th post, I wrote a short story, Matt's Return. It has been accepted by Resplendence Publishing (YAY!!), edits are finished, and it will release on August 10th. I have two other short stories almost ready to sub, and I am working on edits for Sensations. It was not that many months ago when the mere thought of sitting at the computer, trying to be creative, brought on waves of nausea!!

I'd like to add my thoughts to Kat's wonderful blog and the ensuing comments last week on short stories. I whole heartedly agree that it requires an author to select every word with care and to tighten the plot until it cries 'uncle'! Creating well-developed characters that the reader can believe in is quite a challenge, also, isn't it?! When writing a longer book, a couple of thousand words can seem like a million if I'm trying to meet a length requirement. When the entire thing can't exceed 5k, it seems as if 500 words hit the page in the blink of an eye - go figure?

What I find quite interesting is the perception of non-authors when it comes to the short story. The recurring comments I keep hearing from people are that less pages is synonymous with less effort! I've stopped attempting to explain the process because their eyes glaze over and I ultimatley end up sounding like a whiner!

Have a fantastic weekend~



  1. It's difficult to make non-writers understand most aspects of writing. Not worth the time.
    Congrats on all the good news. I'm thrilled more Tessie books will be available soon! :)


  2. Thanks, Amber! I hope you're feeling well and taking things easy!

  3. Tessie I'm so impressed with what you've accomplished this summer! I opened Matt's Return rtf. and took a peek. Wow! This story hits the ground running.
    Tessie, you excel at writing shorts. To any non-writers out there-shorts are tough! It's like cleaving a tiny, perfect gemstone. There is no wiggle room for mistakes.
    I hope the rise in popularity of short fiction revives the great American tradition of the short story. Like Jazz--short fiction (along the lines of Washington Irving & O Henry)...) is an American art form we should celebrate.
    XXOO Kat

  4. Oh no, doing a short story justice is very difficult. It's a wonderful challenge for an author - everything must work and the story must stand alone. Congrats!

  5. Kat, thanks so much!! I had a great deal of fun with the first few paragraphs of Matt's Return!

    Hi Julia, writing short stories is definitely a very different process.


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