Thursday, July 21, 2011

Food and Romance

Happy Thursday! I'm thrilled to post my new cover! Matt's Return releases August 10th.

The following blog has absolutely nothing to do with Matt or his return.

I get a tremendous amount of ribbing from my family over my love affair with “food television”. The Cooking Channel, Food Network, all food ‘reality’ shows on Bravo, and anything with Gordon Ramsey (lord that man revs my engine) – I’m addicted!

Creating new recipes and cooking with my hubby, who is a barbeque master, are two of my favorite things to do!

When I’m in the author ‘zone’, it is a given that some culinary program is playing softly in the background of my writing cave. The experience of enjoying good food hits all of the senses.

In most of my books, sharing a meal happens. It is a time for the characters to connect, reminisce, learn about each other, or simply enjoy spending time together.

I become extremely squitchy, however, when food plays too large a role in actual love making. A well placed drizzle of honey or chocolate sauce, a dollop of whipped cream, those I get. The use of phallic shaped vegetables is okay, I guess, if there aren’t real toys around, and the lovers are desperate for additional stimulation.

What I don’t ever want to read about again is the use of entire entrees, side dishes and desserts being put places they should never be!! Spaghetti with meat sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cheesecake belong on plate! Feed it to each other, lick your silverware seductively, but please stop there.

And on a related note, if the kitchen is going to be the setting for naked fun, let’s use the area wisely. The floor and the chairs are just waiting for someone to have sex on them. The counters and table are available to hold onto, lean across or against, use for leverage, but please keep them free of moist, sweaty parts unless the next scene describes, in eloquent detail, the participant’s cleaning regimen!!

Have a great weekend~



  1. I'm glad I never read a book that used any food in private parts. YUCK!

    Okay, now I demand more details on your book!!!! Don't leave us hanging with the yummy cover. :)


  2. Matt's Return is a short, short story in Respendence's new Erotic Gems line. Matt has returned to Molly after being gone three years on an undercover assignment that went horribly wrong. They have a lot of catching up to do!!!

  3. Sounds like a great book! I'm a foodie too, so I get it!

  4. I love the new directions your stories are going in!
    I get a lot of guilty pleasure from watching Chef Ramsey dress down people who really had it coming... And then build them up. My girl-crush is Nigella Lawson, I love her.
    My favorite flirty food scene in the movie Tom Jones!
    XXOO Kat

  5. Thanks, Julia! I'm really enjoying the challenge of creating characters/plot/emotions in 4k-5k. I have two more on the way.

  6. Kat, so we share a girl-crush, too?? When I watch Nigella, I so want to be sitting in her kitchen enjoying her company!
    I feel guilt when I watch Mr. Ramsey due to the level of my impure thoughts since I am a happily married woman!


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