Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Bites the dust. It’s a shame as this store goes out of business. I remember when I first started writing I’d drive to Borders and spend many hours scanning the shelves for books. I’d spend hours in the magazine section too. Back then I wrote more for magazines like Modern Romance and True Confessions. I didn’t begin writing longer works until years later. In those days they offered a lot more money for All Rights. I didn’t mind I loved the extra income.
I’ve been sitting on a gift card since Christmas I guess I better do some shopping today before the store is no more. I’ll also have to get a subscription to a few magazines that I occasionally pick up in the large chain because I won’t be able to just walk in and buy it any longer.
In other news I’m in self edit hell, where I’ll be the rest of the week. But if all goes well I’ll have a new release in October. :o)
Sorry this is short, but I’m under the gun on a lot of things.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. It's so sad when a bookstore closes. There is getting to be nowhere to go and buy books anymore. Sad, sad, sad. Happy editing! I'll be looking for that new release in October!

  2. Hopefully there'll be a release! ;)



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