Thursday, June 2, 2011


Whew!! I have another release on the horizon! Sensations will be available November 9, 2011 at Resplendence Publishing.

I chose June 30th as the deadline for submitting the final manuscript, and gosh darn it, I feel more than confident I'll be finished before that!

This book was not the one I thought I was going to be subbing. Why? Because it was never meant to be a completed story! Let me explain.

I was about 7k in a WIP. My muse was leading me to create a darker, more mysterious plot than I'm used to writing. As I've talked about on other occasions, I have to write a book in order, from beginning to end. After struggling for hours to finish a single paragraph, I stormed away from the computer and headed out to the garage to share my frustration with my ever patient hubby. My freakishly long rant can be summed up thusly~ "I can't do this, what was I thinking, this is too hard, why can't I just write the sex?" I'm pretty sure I stomped my foot and pouted. Hubby looked up from whatever manly project he was working on, and silently raised a questioning eyebrow. Eureka, my problem was solved!

I grabbed a beverage, went back to my writing cave and opened a new file titled Pure Sex. Words began to flow effortlessly from my brain to my frantically typing fingers. In no time at all, Sensations was 2,500 words, I was in love with the characters, and I knew exactly where the story was going! The very best part???? I'd not written any sex!!!!

A few days later, I re-read hubs the original WIP, then I unveiled Pure Sex. I was a bit nervous when he didn't immediately comment. Finally, he said, "The first one is good. I like the people, and the setting's cool, but I can't really tell what you're going for."

"You and me both!" I responded with a harrumph.

"The second one is your next book."


"Because you were smiling as you read it. I hear you in every word."

See why he heads my Research and Development Department? No bullshit, no making things more complicated than they need to be.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!


P.S. ~ huggy-hugs, Kat :)


  1. I love it that he heads your Research and Development Department. My hubby likes to think he's the inspiration for all of my sex scenes. ;) Great post and congrats on the release in November.

    Marie Rose Dufour

  2. Thanks, Marie!
    It was hysterical when my hubs tried to explain to someone how he was the inspiration for Hagan, 6'5" blue skinned Dom alien in Oasis of Pleasure!

  3. YAY!!! I can't wait to read your next book. My hubby heads up my R&D department too. Though Kat plays a big part too - not the sex scenes. LOL LOL


  4. I need to come up with a title for Kat! 'Critque partner' doesn't do justice to all of the things I count on her for!

  5. I smiled all the way through this post! This is a symbiotic support group!
    When Tessie mentioned she was writing an ms titled "Pure Sex" in my selflessness, I was drooling to read it and get some inspiration! lol
    Folks, what I've read is GOOD! I loved Sensations and I did get inspired by Tessie to write a prequel to Noblesword...
    Amber is a great author to bounce ideas off and watch those ideas take root. She's a wonderful asset.
    Julia Barrett is a huge help to me also. Her writing is so perfect and full of original ideas.
    And there are many other helpful partners including the fabulous Tina Donahue!
    I couldn't keep going without a few of these amazingly talented authors inspiring me everyday to keep up.
    Tessie take Sensations to the finish line with pride! It's great.
    XXOO Kat

  6. Tessie, I cannot wait! I just recommended your books to a book blogger! Way to go! And yeah, Kat keeps us all sane! She's the mommy!

  7. Kat, I'm chomping at the bit to read your WIPs!! Thanks for everything! Warning-as I get closer to the due date for Sensations, you know I'll be looking for you to talk me off the ledge (again)!

    Julia, you're a dear to recommend my work. I really appreciate it!

  8. I'd be happy to help (Anxious wringing of hands) just send Sensations over as soon as you're ready to share... (Yum!) lol
    XXOO Kat

  9. Kat~
    Paul and Vivian are about to 'share' - when they do, I will, too!! *smirk*


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