Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Did you ever notice how they just creep up on you? all of a sudden it’s Tuesday and I’m supposed to be blogging on two different blogs. One I couldn’t get into today. Not sure why. I tried to comment on another person’s post, but couldn’t do that either.
So all this frustration has taken away from my writing time. which is a valuable commodity at this point. My dreaded day job has been busy as all heck, illness after illness has caused me to lose time and now blogger doesn’t want to work.
The painting begins tomorrow at our house – four rooms. The DH doesn’t do small, he has to take on large projects all at once. On top of that he seems to think he has to squeeze in every single home improvement project over the next ten weeks.
Luckily I can only sit and watch because I get frustrated very easily. :o)
I wanted to share something writing related, but I’ve got nothing. As you can see from this post my mind is fried!
Hopefully I’ll have something better planned for next week.
Oh, I’m about 30 pages from finishing Sugar Roux Voodoo Queen. If you haven’t picked up your copy run over to Ellora’s Cave and get it. I’m telling you this is another bestseller from Katalina Leon.


  1. Just listening to you fries my brain! You have so much to do! Hang in there, Amber!

  2. I hope the house project goes down easy!
    Thank you for the amazing compliment!
    XXOO Kat


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