Saturday, May 21, 2011

I took my muse and headed for the mountains!

I was so happy when I got my royalty statement...

Even though I have not released a new book in many months, some of my back list are still selling fairly top selling backlist book for February was Jillian's Job.  It's been nearly two years and it is still alive and well.

I am on vacation at my condo in Snowbird for this week, and I awoke refreshed and relaxed.  I love it up here in the mountains.  Folks are still skiing this week because of all the snow the resort has gotten this past month.  It's utterly gorgeous.

Cross your fingers...hoping that my muse feels as refreshed and ready to write as I do.

Hugs to all!
Fran Lee


  1. Congrats, Fran and how fun! I bet Snowbird was beautiful!

  2. Congratulations Fran, that's great news about your backlist treasures. May Snowbird inspire and refresh your spirit!
    XXOO Kat

  3. I love Jillian's Job. Have a great vacation. I'm sure the muse will just be inspired by the views.


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