Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back from vacation...too tired to move...

I feel sort of like this little guy...

Except that I don't look half as cute.  Well...I spent a week sort of resting...dealing with veterinary problems when my black Pugi-nese Hakku decided to get a whole mess of hot spots all over under that silky black rug he should see him now.  The vet shaved his back and butt and the base of his tail down to the skin to make it easier to medicate his red spots, then my daughter and I trimmed him as far down as we could and I showered his body to clean him off, and we started putting on topical antibiotics as well as oral antibiotics...what a restful vacation. :P  He is still wearing the "collar of shame". Looks as silly as heck.

My condo is 24 miles out of town in the Wasatch Mountains...and I think I drove up and down that canyon about six times during my quiet vacation instead of resting. Blech...

Ah, well...maybe next year I'll have some fun.

Hugs to all...
Fran Lee


  1. Sometimes we need vacations to get over our vacations! Rest up. I'm a sucker for kitten pictures. So cute!!!

  2. Awwwww! Love those kitty pictures! I think you're just as cute!

  3. Thanks...kittens are adorable...


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