Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Not I...In fact my mind has been wondering What’s that? I’ve certainly forgotten. In the last few weeks I wrote 1200 words. All my self imposed goals and deadlines went straight out the window. Instead I’ve been doing nothing. When I say nothing I mean nothing. Until this morning.
I received final proof edits this morning for Hit Me coming from Loose Id on May 17th. The next few weeks should bring edits for Sex on the Beach, which will be published with Ellora’s Cave. So I HAVE to do something.
I decided to set aside Looking Thru the Glass. I’m about 14k into it, but I’m not feeling the characters right now. Maybe that’s the reason I’m not writing.
This morning I started a new story for a theme line EC is doing. The story I Wanna Sext You Up flowed nicely. I managed to get a little over 1k on paper. Now if I can keep the flow going only 20k more to write…I’m sure it will be longer, but I have a tight deadline.
In between writing I’m concentrating on planting flowers and picking out paint. The DH put five colors on the wall yesterday. As they were drying I liked two. This morning I didn’t like any of them. Off the paint store for more samples!
Hope everyone else is having more productive times than me!


  1. Aren't you glad you rested? You're going to be very busy now. lol
    Best wishes to you on the new book!
    XXOO Kat

  2. Good luck with the new book. The ideas will continue to flow!

  3. Thanks Kat and Marie. I hope so because things have looked bleak! :)

  4. I'm sorry, Amber, but you sound pretty dang productive to me! I've been crazy busy, but not as much with writing as I'd like. Sigh!

  5. Hope things settle down for you Julia. :)


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