Friday, April 1, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day!

I've been stuck for two weeks, doing a whole lotta nothin'!

According to my eye doctor, as of Saturday, I may resume my life. Yay! That means I can work on the garden I planted before my eye surgery, hike with my dog, lift, do laundry, cook, shop, get out of my scrubs and my Uggs and maybe I'll feel like doing something with my hair besides washing it with Baby Shampoo. When I saw him on Tuesday, he made me feel so good - he said, "Wow, lots of people still have really bloodshot eyes ten days out, but your eyes look great!"
Oh yeah! Party time!
Have a wonderful weekend. I intend to!


  1. Woo Hoo! Great news. You enjoy every bit of the weekend.

  2. Twirl the mirror ball, raise your heart rate and have a great time!
    XXOO Kat

  3. Yeah, well, I am very de-conditioned. Just got back from a 3 mile walk, not a hike, a walk. But it'll be okay, right?

  4. So glad all is well again. Hugs!


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