Monday, April 11, 2011

Smelling the roses. New habits in life. Do you make them?

For years I worked at my own business and wrote novels, articles, lots of non-fiction, even did a weekly business column (shoot me, please) for the local newspaper. With one husband, 3 children and a dog, I ran like crazy.
Recently, I closed the business. After 21 years, it was Time. The children are gone. Grown. Educated. The husband is still here! And am I glad of it!
I write full time. And am thrilled to do it, too. This is what I always wanted to do. Indulge my creativity to the max. Indulge my desire to perfect my cooking. (Which I do to the questionable benefit of my waistline largely because good wine must go with that, yes?)
As I divested myself of clients over the past few years--and wrote more, I also took time to learn yoga. I am limber but cannot do every noodle pose they've invented. I also go to the gym more. Trrrrrrrrrying to get in the habit of 3 x a week to do my circuit. And I allllllmost make it. (It's the circuit that kills me. Exhausts me. But I sleep better, by golly.)
I have also begun to grow herbs. Yes, it was a huge challenge in hot, dry, sun-scorched southwest Texas.
Now, this spring I have added to my repertoire. How?
Growing roses! A new step for me, where here in southwest Texas the only things that grow naturally (and without major injections of nutrients) are the cacti, your hips (from the queso and chips) and the deer who eat every thing (and would eat every ONE if they could).
But after 15 years of trying to grow plants and herbs here, there and everywhere in my garden (where things fry from approximately April through October), I have got a system down.
What is it?
Yep. Growing everything in pots. And fencing! All for my herbs. Pansies. Geraniums. Impatiens. And now--ta-dahhhh--we are going to nurture roses.
These, seen here, are my first pot. (Like great lingerie, I always try out one before I buy more). This is right after I transplanted it. Spoke to it. Whispered sweet nothings. Fertilized its little ass. And so stay tuned here, as I show you more as the season wears on!
Wish my green thumb well!
And tell us, are there things you have wanted to do to smell your own roses in life? Have you started? Can you soon?
What have those activities done for your state of mind?


  1. Congrats on making changes to have the life you want! I'm trying to make small changes so I can eventually write full time.

  2. I love roses. If I had my way I'd have lots of them but I live in an area where water costs a fortune and supplies are limited so I have to choose my lovelies carefully. Heritage roses are a favorite and I chose for fragrance. Color is lovely too, but there's nothing nicer than the scent of a Damask rose, and yes it's in a large container.
    Cerise, you sound like a true lover of life and I'm sure life loves you!
    XXOO Kat

  3. Heritage roses. Kat, tell me about those. Are they noted for their fragrance?
    And Damask, I will look into.
    But probably not until I get my system down with my current baby.

  4. Oh how I envy you for being able to write full time. I yearn for that day in my own life. Enjoy it. :)

  5. Hi Cerise!

    I also write full-time and tend to stay alone in my office for long periods of time every day. Maybe you've heard me say this before, but to relax I put the ragtop down on my convertible and take a drive in sunny weather. I often stop at a bookstore on the way. Lol. What can I say? Books are my life.

    Have a wonderful spring!


  6. I do love roses - they are my favorite flowers to give as gifts, but pansies may be my favorite flowers to stick in pots. You've played so many roles in your life, Cerise!

  7. I so wish I had a green thumb!! Luckily my hubby and daughter both do, and a substantial area of our very small back yard turns into a marvelous veggie garden each summer. My contribution is coming up with new recipes to showcase the fruits of their labor!

  8. Adele! I put my top down, too, and go JOY RIDING. I figure: I don't smoke, don't do much chocolate or sugar, I do drink, soooooo my convertible is my THANG. And now, my roses.

  9. Julia, I love pansies, too. I have an overflowing pot of yellow with purple centers, purple with yellow centers and tiny flowers in variegated shades of palest purple with yellow centers to darker. Happy little faces saying hello each day!

  10. Tessie, BRAVO for your husband and daughter. In south Texas, a vegetable garden is a Challenge! The soil is too thin. I envy you those veggies, babe!

  11. I'd love to write full time. But that's not happening. I love your roses, gorgeous. They do take a knack. I planted a ton of bulbs last fall, seeing some coming up now. Daffodils and tulips :)

  12. Wow, I'm so impressed! you're doing all the things I'd love to do--and would do, if I were more organized. Love yoga, love gardening, love love roses....

    Good luck, and I hope to hear how the venture with the roses goes. I loved Zephirine Drouhin, a thornless climbing rose, for its beautiful scent and color--but so did the bugs. Sigh.

    But I'm inspired now! Maybe I'll try again this year.


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