Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just sent in my latest wip...

It took three months longer than I set myself for my New Year's Resolution...

But I got my wip completed and subbed it!


Now all I have to do is start on another, and not take ten months to finish it this time.  Not sure which one I will spruce up this time. I have so many I started, then stopped...started, then stopped...

I think I will finish Cal's Omega, the sequel to Hallie's Cats. It's finished, but needs a good rewrite.  That one seems to be the choice.  I should be able to fix it up in a month or so, as long as I can keep myself grounded and not distracted.

Thanks so much, everyone who prodded, poked, encouraged, and commiserated...I am back.


Fran Lee


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