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Tessie Bradford's "Pampering Jessica"

Today I want to celebrate the release of Tessie Bradford’s latest book from Resplendence Publishing “Pampering Jessica”. Here’s the first taste!

David has been planning Jessica’s birthday weekend for months. His wife of almost twenty five years is having issues with turning fifty and he vows to do everything in his power to remind her how incredible she is and how much he loves her.  

Jessica’s birthday wish is to spend quality alone time with the man of her dreams, her husband. When David presents her with a gold gift bag full of sensual surprises, Jessica is more than eager to enjoy every one of them. What she doesn’t realize is that her husband has much more in store for her special celebration.

Now its time for the “Pampering Jessica” mini-review, allow me to whet your appetite for this terrific book.

I loved this book for so many reasons. First, I fell in love with Jessica and could clearly relate to her feelings. Jessica is well written as a very real woman with strong passions and a few familiar insecurities. She is bravely facing the world on the eve of her fiftieth birthday as a mature woman, but she’s also a girl at heart that can still enjoy a little erotic playtime. She has anxiety about turning fifty and David —hero of heroes makes her milestone birthday an enviable event to cherish. Every married man should read this book. As the story builds and Jessica is able to relax and receive all the love and attention David wants to lavish on her, I just about melted.

Second, I fell in love with David, who is simply a dream man of sexy understanding who knows exactly how to make Jessica, and the reader feel loved. Together Jessica and David take a little trip down memory lane and fan the embers that brought them together twenty-five years ago. This is grown-up but sizzling romance and I loved every page of it. The surprises that were planned and the experiences shared are the things of real life we should all be enjoying more often.

I strongly recommended “Pampering Jessica” to romance readers of all ages because this is a true Happily Ever After story that has a lot to teach about real love and romance. Better yet if you’re in a partnership, buy this book, climb into bed with your mate and read it together! “Pamper Jessica” is about living in the moment, being appreciative and loving who you are today. In my opinion this is Tessie Bradford’s most romantic book to date. If you love real life romance you don’t want to miss it!

 Tessie even consented to an interview…

Katalina: I absolutely loved this story and I know there are a few interesting facts associated with it. Personally, I think “Pampering Jessica” is an incredibly romantic book. What was the main inspiration for “Pampering Jessica”?

TB: Thank you, Kat! I had loads of inspiration for this story. I turned the big five-o in December, and was having some issues regarding that milestone. I wrote this book as a birthday present to myself. Also, both Jessica and I have two grown children, and have been married for almost twenty-five years to men who went out of their way to remind us how special we are at any age. Actually, I was so inspired that I wrote the book in twenty-two days! 

Katalina: I was so excited for you! I know that’s a speed record for a Bradford book. “Pampering Jessica” is a really special book on many levels. From the first page “Pampering Jessica” is lots of straightforward romance and fun that feels good to read. This is such a sweet, joyful book. What do you most want to share with your readers?

TB: This story is a peek into the life of a happily married couple. I wanted to celebrate the fact that years together, trust and maturity enhance the sexual relationship. I love reading and writing books that remind us hotty hot goodness is enjoyed by adults of all ages!

Katalina: I agree! Let it be shouted throughout the land “Hotty hot goodness is for adults of all ages!” I think this story will definitely resonant with readers of all ages. What woman doesn’t love surprises, romance and a little pampering? As a long-married woman tell me what the biggest benefits of marriage are to you?

TB:  It’s beyond wonderful to be able to be myself. As every couple who are together for a long time, hubby and I have weathered a number of challenges and are closer than ever because of them. We are best friends.

Now before anyone rolls their eyes and harrumphs, my marriage ain’t perfect! Just the other night, when we were ‘discussing’ an issue at the top of our lungs, I reminded him that if we’d dated more than once before shacking up and getting married seven weeks later, we might have realized we didn’t see eye to eye on certain things!! Oh well, that’s a story for another day!  

Katalina: You don’t always see eye to eye with your husband? How shocking! lol. You do have many years together and a lot to be proud of. What’s the sweetest surprise your husband has ever shared with you?

TB: I’m a bit of a micro-manager. I embrace having a plan, over-thinking things and worrying to the point of crazy, so hubby knows that big surprises are not the best way to go!! He continues to surprise me with insightful, subtle acts of love and kindness. The excerpt I selected for this post is a real example.

Katalina: Do you show or read your work to your husband? How involved is he in the writing process?

TB: He heads my Research and Development Department!!! Seriously, he is involved in every aspect of the process. Together we flesh out characters, plot, emotions, dialog and many times, physics! He listens patiently when I babble on about minutia, and talks me off the ledge when I experience my requisite meltdown over meeting a deadline and whether my work is worthy of publication.

Katalina: The man’s an erotic-romance saint! Do you have any surprises on the horizon that you can share with us today?

TB: It continues to surprise me when I actually finish another book! I’m currently working on two that I think have some promise.

Katalina: Tessie, I love what you do and I’m posting an excerpt to prove my point:

                       Pampering Jessica
                                   Copyright: Tessie Bradford, 2011

A little flutter of anticipation danced in her tummy when Jessica pulled into the driveway and parked behind David’s truck. She was early—it was only a little after five o’clock. “This is a good sign.” Jesse hopped out of the car and hurried up the front steps. She opened the door and froze with only one foot in the house.
“Happy day before your birthday.”
Her jaw dropped as she tried to take everything in. A vase full of red roses sat on the coffee table next to two glasses and a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. Soft music was playing. The scent of her favorite pine cleaning liquid wafted through the air, and the carpet had obviously been vacuumed. David stood in the doorway of the kitchen, barefooted, in a black T-shirt and faded jeans, a towel in one hand and a bottle of window cleaner in the other.
“What?” he asked. His ruggedly handsome face lit up with a mischievous grin. 
“You’ve never looked more handsome to me,” she giggled. “Give me a sec to enjoy the picture.”
“If you’d been here a half an hour ago, you’d have found me on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor.”
Jesse closed the door and dropped her purse on the side table without taking her eyes off of David.
“Ooo, yeah baby, tell me more.” She practically ran across the room. David put down his cleaning supplies and gathered her close when she threw her arms around his neck.
“There’s not a speck of dust on any surface.” He gently squeezed her ass cheeks. “The refrigerator has been cleaned out.” He shifted his hips forward. “Dinner is in the oven.” When he flexed forward, Jesse moaned.
“You took time off to do this for me?”
“We both live here, and I’m well aware that I haven’t been helping much lately, and I’m sorry, Jesse.” The stark emotion reflected in his eyes warmed her to her toes.
“Kiss me, you sexy cleaning man, you.” He cradled her head and took possession of her mouth. He nipped and teased before sliding his tongue slowly past her lips to do wonderfully decadent things to her. Desire raced through Jesse as she met him stroke for stroke and rubbed herself against him wantonly. They were both gasping when David lifted his head.
“Keep it up, woman, and we’ll be on the squeaky clean kitchen floor.”

Tessie Bradford’s “Pampering Jessica” is available today through Resplendence Publishing! Pamper yourself and buy this beautiful book!



  1. I want to thank everyone for visiting 7SS today. Pampering Jessica is a great book!
    XXOO Kat

  2. Sounds marvelous! One more fabulous book from Tessie!

  3. Kat, you brought me to happy tears with this incredible review, thank you so much!!

  4. CERISE~
    Happy Release Day to you!!!

  5. Sounds great. I've added it to my TBR list. I think a mature couple enjoying each other is totally sexy.

  6. Congratulations Mom!! You should be very proud of yourself. I know how hard you worked on this book!!


  7. Hi Fran, I can't wait to read and review your upcoming book, I know it's going to be something very special!
    Barbara-this book is all about sexy, romantic and fun!
    Congratulations Cerise on the release of another great book.
    S-we love getting a visit from you sweetie! Your mother loves you so much!
    XXOO Kat

  8. YAY TESSIE!!!!! GOT TO READ THIS ONE!! Yum yum Wednesday, I must say!
    THANKS for the good wishes on my 4th Regency, which also releases with you over at Resplendence today! This one? THE BASTARD'S PASSIONATE PRIZE!

  9. Hi Cersie! I'd say Resplendence Publishing is one lucky bastard to get "Pampering Jessica" and "The Bastard's Passionate Prize" released the same day! I send best wishes for much success to both of you hard working ladies!
    XXOO Kat

  10. Being sexy has no age limits...and enjoying it with the love of your life is so special! It's wonderful that you've written something about mature love - the kind that never becomes "routine" and grows with the couple involved.

  11. Marianne you said it so well. Tessie has written a very romantic story about a couple who've already had a taste of Happily-Ever-After and still want a little more.
    XXOO Kat


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