Friday, March 11, 2011

So here I am...

late again!

Sorry! Fridays are tough for me because my husband works from home so we hike together with the puppy. And Blogger hates my ass - it will not let me schedule in advance no matter how hard I try to get it right.
What's new? Not much - still working on the paranormal and then I will focus on the romantic suspense.
I received a funny/interesting rejection from a publisher who requested copies of all my books. "Read them all. Loved them! Great writing! Wonderful style! Best of luck with your career!" I guess that's called letting me down softly.
Don't you love the photo? It's taken from one of my favorite trails. This is why I love Northern California so much in the winter. The landscape turns into a fairytale.
Have a happy weekend all. I won't be here next Friday unless I can figure out how to schedule my post. Eye surgery...scary...


  1. Julia, I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Take Care

  2. Love the photo. It is very magical. I had to laugh that the rejection was after you sent the publisher copies of all of your books. So they got to read and enjoy them all for free! Good luck with the eye surgery.

  3. I love the picture, I'm almost expecting a unicorn to dart through the frame!
    You were not rejected-you were liberated!
    Best wishes for an easy healing on St Patrick's Day.
    Here's a thought-let hubby blog! He can defend himself in his own words.
    XXOO Kat

  4. Thanks, Tessie!

    Marie Rose, thanks and yes, it is a magical place.

    Kat - I swear I expect knights to come charging down this trail - every single time I hike on it!


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