Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heating Things Up

This winter seems as if it will never end. I’m so tired of snow and ice and frigid temperatures! Here’s a scene from Treasuring Evie that takes place on a steamy July night.

Copyright © TESSIE BRADFORD, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“How long are you in town?” She tried for casual.

“I plan on being here for the foreseeable future, Evie.”

“Really. Foreseeable, huh?” The urge to not give a damn, to break her own rule and let this man do whatever he wanted to her even if he was leaving town tonight was so consuming that her head swam with the effort to continue the conversation. “I’m sure you’ll have a relaxing vacation while you’re here. Did you rent a cottage or are you staying in one of the hotels?”

“I moved into my new home a couple of weeks ago, Evelyn, right there across the lake.” Matt wrapped his strong hands around her shoulders, turned her toward the water and brought her back tightly against him. “Howdy, neighbor,” he whispered against her ear.

“You’re going to live here year-round?”

“Absolutely.” When he started dropping featherlight kisses down her neck, Evie let her head lean back against his shoulder and her hands reach around to rest on his hips. “I thought being able to leave the rat race behind and spend my days fishing and enjoying nature was my dream come true, but right now, I’m trying to figure out what I’ve done right in my life to cause the powers that be to bring me to this little town, to the sexiest, most alluring woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.” When he flexed his hips, his erection brushed along the top of her ass. Evie whimpered when his fingers went underneath her top and slowly trailed up her rib cage to rest beneath her breasts.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked almost desperately. She covered his hands through the material.

“Worshipping your body, honey.” He cupped her fullness and squeezed gently. “You are so beautiful.” He ran his tongue across her bare shoulder. “And we fit together so perfectly.”

“But we don’t know each other and I don’t…” Evie was terrified that he was going to think that she behaved this way normally, but every fiber of her being wanted to be with this man. She helped him knead her breasts, encouraging him to use more pressure.

He pinched her nipples once and then pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the ground. Not giving her a second to protest, he drew her to him by running his hands from her waist to the underside of her breasts and back again.

Despite late July heat and humidity, Evie shivered as goose bumps rose along her skin where he touched her. She closed her eyes and leaned into him. She marveled at the texture of his fingertips, and with their slight roughness, she knew this man worked with his hands. He caressed her with a unique combination of tenderness and strength, taking his time to explore her ribs, her bellybutton and the valley between her breasts.

“Kiss me, honey,” he breathed against her ear before turning her in his arms and drawing her close. He twined one hand through her hair, using a fistful of the damp curls to tilt her head back just so. His other hand rested firmly in the small of her back.

When his lips came down on hers, Evie was thankful for his support. Matt didn’t start slowly or cautiously. He claimed her mouth, possessed it. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to surrender to his mastery. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back with enthusiasm.

Evie moaned desperately as Matt ran his hands down her back and cupped her ass cheeks almost roughly. He played with the soft globes as he plundered her mouth. Her pussy was on fire and when he pushed his thigh between hers at the perfect angle, she rubbed herself against him with wanton abandon.

“That’s it, baby,” he growled against her lips while guiding her to ride his leg. “Get yourself off on me. Rub your little clit hard, Evie.”

The pressure he was exerting and the rough texture of the denim on her ultra-sensitive bud sent her hips into overdrive. She latched back onto his mouth, driving her tongue deep. Matt grabbed one of her nipples and twisted it hard. It was exactly what she needed.

Evie exploded, bucking against him wildly. Something in her orgasm-clouded mind told her that he wouldn’t let her fall. She clawed at his back while experiencing the first sexual release that she had enjoyed with an actual man anywhere in the general vicinity for a very long time. But it still wasn’t enough. She laid her head down on his shoulder and struggled for breath but kept moving on his leg.

“You need more, don’t you, baby?” Matt bit her earlobe and then laved the pain away with a swift lick. “You need my cock buried deep in your pussy. You need to be fucked, Evie.”

“Yes, oh God, Matt, please!” She squealed as he pushed her shorts down over her hips while she struggled with shaking hands to pop the button of his jeans. He yanked his t-shirt over his head. Mild-mannered Evelyn Ashlyn didn’t exist anymore and she didn’t care in the least. Nothing mattered to her except getting this mystery man naked and inside her body. Every cell of her being cried out for him.
Anyone feeling warmer yet??
Have a great weekend~


  1. Perfect excerpt for the bitter temps we're having in RI today.

    Thanks Tessie!

  2. Hey Amber! I normally love winter, but here in Michigan we've had a lot of ice this season which obviously makes getting around challenging.

  3. Loved the excerpt! It turned my workroom into a little greenhouse and put the steam back in my morning coffee. Please keep the excerpts coming until we thaw out!
    XXOO Kat

  4. Thanks, Kat! My current WIP is also set in the summer, maybe I should work on it!?!

  5. Tessie, I think you should work on that new WIP just to see if you can set-off a Lake's-Area warming trend. Melt the ice with a few steamy love scenes. Your neighbors will thank you!
    XXOO Kat

  6. You're right, Kat. It would be great promo if I could take credit for bringing on an early spring!!

  7. Oooh, thanks for the very smoking hot excerpt, Tessie! Hope it melted your snow. I am off to hike in the sun! Sorry!

  8. Julia - enjoy that hike in the sun for all of us who are still winter bound!!


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