Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday!

Good Morning!

I think I'll stick with just the facts today, besides, I know you're looking forward to your weekend. Hope your weather is better than ours out here in Northern California. Waiting for the flash flood to float us away!

Rosalie Lario has interviewed me. It should be up sometime this morning. Please stop by and chat! I love to see you!

Exciting news! Pushing Her Boundaries is available in print and for Kindle! Yay! For $3.99 it's a major bargain and a cheap way to spend an afternoon!

Come hang out with me - today I'm discussing movie popcorn and the tempest in a teapot over the lack of nutrients in movie theater food. As if I was expecting nutritional value? Tell me what you think. I always want to hear what people think about the food police!

Happy Elite Eight!


  1. Pushing Her Boundaries is a must read!!!! :o)

    Stay dry, Julia.

  2. Glad you're back, Julia! I'm looking forward to reading Pushing Her Boundaries!

  3. Julia, I'm so happy you're back!
    I think Movie Popcorn is good for the soul and often its the only thing I enjoyed about the movie. Despite the dire reports on sodium and calories, if it's warm and crunchy it can do no wrong in my eyes. Movie Popcorn-I love you. All is forgiven.
    Someday soon I'm locking my door and just reading all day, Pushing Her Boundaries is top of the list! Maybe I'll make popcorn too-yum!
    XXOO Kat

  4. Thanks Amber and Tessie! Missed you!

    Kat - you make me want popcorn and the truth is, I only like it at the movies...with lots of butter!

  5. GULP. WHAT A GREAT COVER!!! Eager to read this one!


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