Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cerise Deland, Desiree Holt, "Until Midnight"

What’s happens when you mix a really spicy Desiree Holt romance with Cerise Deland’s penchant for exciting locations and international intrigue?

You get “Until Midnight” which is a really steamy book that moves fast!

There’s a lot here to work with. The heroine Nicole Welles is the feisty owner of Nemesis Security and she has a big problem. Nemesis has just finished a brutal assignment rescuing a hostage from a Mexican drug cartel. During the rescue Nicole killed the drug lord’s brother.

Nicole desperately needs a little R&R and hopes to get some at a high-security tropical resort in Costalegre Mexico. 

On page one she is sunbathing in a teeny tiny bikini with her 9mm in a nearby beach tote when her relaxing vacation on the Mexican Riviera suddenly takes a hard left.

The story literally starts with a bang. Actually the “thunk” of the stunning Irish/ Israeli hero Adam Molloy’s “Desert Eagle” putting a bullet in Nicole’s would-be assassin. 

Adam steps out of the bushes after efficiently dispatching a man sent to kill Nicole and immodestly introduces himself as the man who saved her life.

Nicole is a woman used to taking care of herself but she responds strongly to Adam’s aggressive personality. 

After a brief but practical discussion about what should be done with the body, Adam, being a take-charge sort of man does the gentlemanly thing and disposes of the body for her.

She takes Adam back to her bungalow and offers him a drink as a reward. Sparks fly. He suggests she might want to return the favor by offering hot sex, right now in her bungalow.

Adam is just about the sexiest and most dangerous hero I’ve come across in quite awhile. His father was an IRA bomb maker and he’s a Mossad agent. He’s smart, well armed and lethal in bed. He travels with his gun and Israeli-intelligence gadgets and everything gets used to advantage in the story.
After reflecting on their current circumstances the two bond and become lovers, and it’s a good thing. It turns out, the man Adam killed on the beach works for the same drug cartel both have had past dealings with.

Nicole really needs Adam’s help and Adam needs a strong woman. Both discover they share a common enemy and dislike of injustice, and then things go boom. 

Their lives are threatened and two seemingly unrelated events lead back to the same drug lord who wants Nicole dead.

What I loved about “Until Midnight” was it’s genuine sense of intrigue and danger. Nicole and Adam have a serious problem to deal with that affects other people in their lives. 

The action is particularly well written and flies along. I loved the strong plot and all the details Deland and Holt added about the locations, weapons and cartels. Most of all I enjoyed seeing two strong people who have been alone in the world for so long, find each other and fall in love.

“Until Midnight” is the second book in the Nemesis series but it’s a strong standalone and can be enjoyed by itself. 
I highly recommend “Until Midnight”.

Cerise Deland, Desiree Holt, “Until Midnight” Ellora’s Cave Breathless Line.



  1. I enjoyed this book. Best wishes to Cerise and Desiree!
    XXOO Kat

  2. Looks like its time for me to do some book shopping!

  3. Wow - this sounds delish - can't wait to read.

    I'm curious. How do two authors write one book? Do you write alternate chapters?

  4. Great review. I guess it's time to buy a book! :)

  5. Tina, I would love to know how these ladies co-wrote an exciting book. Let's ask them how they did it! I really would be interested in knowing.
    Hi Amber, don't wait "Until Midnight" to buy this book!
    XXOO Kat

  6. Kat! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS MARVELOUS REVIEW! So delighted you loved it. (Quotable quotes, too! YUM.)
    How do Desiree and I write these?
    Well, first I must tell you we are the Duo that Does Lunch. We live approximately 20 miles apart and at least once a month, Desiree and I go somewhere marvelous and dine. We dig Italian food and escargot, Reisling, not to mention the Chinese we do at a VERY GOOD Chinese place close by. Plus we are on the phone and email each other daily.
    For this series, we have an overall plan, with names of characters, and a sense of who they are, what they are experts at. Then we build a general plot. Since both of us are Pantsers, we sometimes have to come Full Stop and consult with the other. Why? Because we write alternate chapters, in sequence. We do research together and separately, then supply the other with the Goods to proceed.
    Currently writing #3 in the series, UNTIL TWILIGHT, we are in Florence, Italy, going on to Rome and then Paris. All delicious locales we adore...and so do our ladies and gentlemen from Nemesis.
    SMOOCHES for the wonderful review.

  7. After hearing your writer's agenda I realize I'm doing something terribly wrong! This sounds like an amazing way to work with a friend. Until Midnight is a great read and the results speak for themselves. Lunch on ladies- I sure wish I could join you!
    XXOO Kat

  8. Wonderful review! You have such good taste!

  9. Kat! It is beyond wonderful to find a friend who matches you in interest and voice. On top of that, to get a partner who is gracious and giving is even more of gift. Desiree and I value what we've got and we nurture it OFTEN.
    We have even just gotten a blessing for a new quartet over at EC. Title? CHASING TAIL.
    yes, well.
    4 Texas brothers with a penchant for...chasing tail.

  10. Chasing Tail? You girls are mighty naughty but your Texans so enjoy! lol
    XXOO Kat

  11. Oh, your lovely lunches sound like a little slice of heaven, good food and wine, a friend and a mountain of ideas for stories. Perfect!
    Can't wait to get my hands on this book...


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