Monday, March 28, 2011

4th in my best-selling Regency series debuts Wednesday

THE BASTARD'S PASSIONATE PRIZE comes out 3.30.11. ! This is the last of the STANHOPE CHALLENGE series, which has led 3 best-seller lists for more than 9 months. 9. months.
HAPPY SNOOPY DANCING that so many like these books.
This story was a challenge to write.
Mark Stanhope is a clipper ship owner out of Baltimore, the bastard of the Stanhope clan, and he is impressed by the British into their Navy just before the War of 1812. I had to do A LOT of research about impressment, release, and of course, I had to add Barbary pirates!
Of course, he and his stowaway are captured. And of course, since this is erotica, the pirates have dastardly things in mind, donchaknow.
How to save our heroine's virtue?
How to remain a noble hero?
How to prove to her family (nobility of course) that he is worthy of her?
How to build her so that she can endure all that and come out heroic herself?
Do come see!
Wednesday at and soon to be elsewhere, too, one would expect.
A nibble for you?
NOTICE HERE for readers: This story includes, among other things, M/M/F and F/F exhibitionism.
A taste?
(Copyright 2011, Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved.)
This scene occurs in a Barbary pirate's castle on the coast of north Africa, 1811.

"Another procession now came through the far door. This time, two caretakers, aged maids from the seraglio, led in two younger women. These last were clothed in kaftans of red and gold brocade. In the center of the room, they paused, bowed to the pasha and gave him a salaam, then held out their arms. Their elderly maids rushed forward, unclasped the hooks on their garments, and viola!

The men gasped in pleasure.

The two young women were completely naked.

Sirena sucked in air. Save for rings on their fingers and toes and strands of pearls threaded into their waist-length raven hair, these girls were nude. Polished, their dark olive skin glowed in the brilliant refractions of the sunlight on the alabaster tiles. Gracefully, aware of their power to enflame to lust, they strolled the perimeter of the room, dangerously close to the men who watched them with covetous eyes.

Sirena was left now to wonder if she was to perform the same promenade. Yet, no one spoke to her. All eyes, all attention went to the two women who strolled now to the center of the room, stood upon the smaller couch and pillows, then sank down gracefully to the silken bed.

Close enough to see the two women’s expressions, Sirena gasped at the smiles they gave each other. One rose on her hands and knees, the other rolled to her back. Like a beast of prey, the first woman crawled over the second, a feral grin of domination spreading her plush red lips. The one on her back spread wide her legs, her mound cleanly shaven, smooth, glistening with moisture that could have come only from inside her.

Sirena reared back. They were to make love to each other. How could that be?

Yet it was true. The woman on her back, Sirena could well see from this angle, bore a tattoo on one inner thigh. Her mate, the dominant one, reached down to her cunny to stroke her seam with one long index finger. The men in the crowd shuffled. One moaned.

The dominant woman arched, her firm buttocks in the air, then she bent and put her mouth to the woman beneath her. The two of them gave themselves up to the pleasures, the one licking and sucking. The other, grabbing up handfuls of purple silk, twisting in her euphoria.

Sirena felt her own body gush in appreciation of the two. She shifted, pushing her thighs together to stop the throb that had begun and made her wish for Mark to ease the hurt. But the two women had no inclination to cease their pleasure, nor did the men on the sidelines. Some of them stood as the dominant woman bit the dark pebbling nipples of her partner. Some men slumped in their chairs, their hands to their groins, or leaned toward the women for a better view. Meanwhile, from beneath the shallow bedding, the dominant woman produced an ivory rod. Perhaps six inches in length, the implement made some in the audience laugh, a few applaud, other gasp, but most flared their nostrils and growled. The houri held it aloft for all to view like a prize, a promise. This ivory rod, Sirena could now see, was shaped like a penis. A marvelous stiff, thick cock.

Sirena licked her lips. It was just like Mark’s."


  1. Congrats on all your success and pending release. :)

  2. Happy Upcoming Release Day, Cerise! (My new book releases at RP on the 30th also)
    And whew, great excerpt!!

  3. What a steamy little history lesson!
    Congratulations Cerise on adding another great book to the Stanhope series.
    XXOO Kat

  4. THANKS to all of you for the good wishes!
    This is so different for me. I have never done a M/F/M or a F/F before! All exhibitionism, but still.....

  5. Most definitely a peek beneath the sheets! Wow! Congrats!


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