Monday, February 28, 2011

Thrill me, chill me, make me love you!

James Bond?
The Tourist?
The Girl with the ...whatever rocks her world?
Desiree Holt & I have all of that for you today AND MORE with the release of our second in our NEMESIS series, UNTIL MIDNIGHT.
This one stars the owner of the private security firm, Nicole Welles, and a man she meets quite by chance on a solitary beach in a private resort far, far from the madding crowd.
Or so it should be.
And isn't.
Because someone has a grudge against Nicki and she and the man who "eliminates" him have to learn all the details.
THEN, begins a roller coaster ride, just like UNTIL THE DAWN, the first in the series that stars the women of NEMESIS.
Come meet Adam Molloy. A man you will remember. For his unique pedigree. For his style. For his wry take on life. And his love for Nicki.
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