Thursday, February 10, 2011

The More, The Merrier?

Julia Barrett had a guest blogger on Monday who talks about the “ick” factor in erotic romance. I highly recommend you check out the post, it is priceless, as are some of the comments!

I started thinking about things that I like and don’t like about one of my favorite erotic romance situations – ménage. My following thoughts pertain to long term ménage relationships, not just the dabbling in a bit of sharing for fun and excitement!

For the purpose of this discussion, let’s divide things into two broad categories – real world humans and everything else.

Shifters, particularly wolves, have the pack thing going. Vamps have to deal with keeping things interesting for all eternity. Aliens, well they’re aliens, pretty much anything goes. With these characters, I have no problem believing (or writing) multiple partner relationships that are happily ever after.

It, however, takes a talented author to convince me of the same outcome with contemporary humans.

Yes, I understand it is fiction, but I can’t stop myself from fixating on certain issues or aspects of the relationships. Jealousy would have to come up at some point, as would the inevitable explanations required by the other humans the ménage participants encounter in day-to-day life. What about marriage, child-bearing, retirement planning? If a book is going to be set in real life, these issues spring into my mind when I’m reading – sorry, I can’t help it! I’m not asking for every potential problem to be solved, but acknowledging at least one or two of them in the course of the story definitely adds realism!

Two or more dominant, alpha men being in a permanent ménage relationship raises huge questions for me. Eventually, wouldn’t they end up battling each other to be ‘top dog’?

I think stories with brothers and/or close family members sharing a woman are the trickiest of all. I’ve read some really good ones and some that had me squirming in my chair. It takes a skilled hand to keep them out of incest-land!

Are you a fan of threesomes (or more)?
Tessie Bradford


  1. I do enjoy writing and reading them. I've done two menage's that included brothers. It is very tricky to write. My main goal is only for the heroine to experience love with two men.

    I've also written a m/m/f which did touch on the subject of jealousy and the future. :)

  2. Amber, I love your menage books! I actually just re-read Adrift!

  3. I love writing menage scenes and think they have a great thrill factor for short term fun, off-planet species and otherworld beings -who I assume plan for retirement and family budgets differently than Earthlings...
    I have four very competitive brothers and had a front row seat to Alpha Dog behavior my entire life. When I hear "brothers" I think "melee" not "menage"!! lol
    XXOO Kat

  4. Oh Tessie! This is why menage works for me much better with shifters and in a world of science fiction, because IRL - I'd be thinking about all those issues you mention. Plus, two alpha guys? You know they'll come to blows eventually.
    I honestly have trouble with brothers sharing a woman - I'd have problems with sisters sharing a man. Sort of 'icky'.

  5. Julia, the wierdest thing is, despite my "issues" with IRL menage stories, the fantasy of that kind of relationship powers my BUY IT NOW finger!!!


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