Monday, February 14, 2011

The lover who didn't work out...and thank goodness.

 I think Valentine's Day provides a great moment to recall the Ones Who Didn't Work Out.
The one you thought was so cool when you began to date who...mellowed (I use the term loosely) so much he faded. Like bad wallpaper. And was just as exciting.
Or the one who was getting divorced. And wow, after a few hot and heavy dates, you decided that his soon-to-be-ex was RIGHT ON. He was a DUD. (Not a Dude. DUD.) Yes, ma'am.
Or how about the guy who treated you reaaaaaaally well. Had brains. Money. Spent it on you, too. Dinner.

Theater. Then proceeded to act like an ass and chased you around his living room. (Why did you/I go there in the first place? Ah. Well. Good question. Smart ass answer, too.)
Or the guy your mother adored?
And the one your father hated?
THEY HAD something there!
I count myself fortunate that I left all those bad duds in the dust.
And my honey is my Valentine every day of the week.
And the cover of I CAUGHT THE SHERIFF is lickable, no? Out tomorrow at EC!
Ciao, bella! Enjoy!


  1. Oh, yeah! Very lickable! My monitor is steaming from all the licking...

  2. Oh very lickable!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Call the Sheriff! Some one has stolen the shirt off that poor man's back!
    Cerise, I loved your Valentine's Day blog!
    Man oh man, am I grateful a few of my fervent prayers were not answered and a couple of duds got away! Thank you fate for saving me from myself! lol
    XXOO Kat

  4. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Day Before Release Day!!

  5. Fran, Kat, Tessie, Marie and Amber! Happy V DAY to all of you! And here's to our wisdom with the duds who did get away and should have, the ones we kept and for good reasons!
    I keep saying we really are smart about our mates. Sooner or later!
    NOT too much chocolate and wine now! Taste those other goodies!


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