Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Caught Kissing "Beautiful Strangers" Again!

I’m cheating today. I posted this blog earlier in the week on Whipped Cream’s Goddess Fish blog, and took part in their terrific Valentine’s Day party loop. For everyone who stopped by—thank you very much I enjoyed your company. 

For those who didn’t, here’s a second chance to read that same blog! lol

It’s so much fun to blog about first kisses. There’s nothing more romantic than a beautiful first kiss. Even a vicarious first kiss shared with fictional characters can be a big thrill.

Kissing is a subject I take seriously. I write in the erotic romance genre and I try my best to ensure kisses don’t play second fiddle to the more spectacular scene-stealers. I love writing about that magnetic first kiss where the reader knows with certainty the characters involved are destined to be lovers.

I absolutely love kissing and I have to admit that a million years ago when I was single, I let more than a few interesting young men go simply because they just couldn’t kiss!

I’m not sorry I did it either. I had my best interests in mind. I wanted to spend my life with a man who could kiss and fortunately I found one.

My advice to younger women or any woman for that matter is to holdout for a great kisser. You won’t regret it. 

Kissing tells a woman everything she needs to know about what to expect romantically from a man. A man’s level of patience, caring, sensuality and self-restraint all figure into this affectionate exchange.

The first kiss I want to share today is from “Beautiful Stranger”. In this scene David and Lily are on their first date. Things are going great until they run into Lily’s ex-husband Jimmy, in a restaurant in the French Quarter. Lily has just decided to go away with David for the weekend.

His fingers stroked her hand. “You’re not doing this to make Jimmy jealous?”

She felt a little shiver of electricity pass between. “I’m doing this one hundred-percent for me.” Her heart raced.

The lazy, sexy look of a big cat crossed David’s face. His hand dropped below the table and brushed against her thigh. “I think you made the right choice,” he whispered.

Her body shivered as David’s fingertips grazed the hem of her skirt. Her skin warmed from his slightest touch. Her heart raced. It already felt as if they were lovers.

(And later in the meal…)
David’s fingertips gently brushed the side of her cheek. “I’m glad you’re with me. I almost feel sorry for him.” He moved closer to her and casually draped an arm around her shoulder. He pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “I think he’s a complete fool.”

“Me too. I’m glad we agree on that.” She smiled when she realized David was acting a bit territorial toward her and she liked it. “You arranged a beautiful dinner and I’m sorry Jimmy showed up. I’m not going to let him spoil our evening. He’s not important anymore, let’s just ignore him.” 

She looked into David’s eyes. Warmth and understanding brimmed in his eyes. Her body wanted to lean toward him and be close. His attitude was so relaxed she hoped it would rub off on her. He was the perfect man to run away with for the weekend.

He leaned over and causally kissed her as if they were well-acquainted lovers.

At first touch his full lips barely brushed against hers. His touch was light but the kiss sent an electric tingle through her that rocked her body backward against the seat. Her breath caught. His actions were restrained but the desire behind them was immense and unbounded. Heat radiated off the surface of his skin. The temperature between them rose. 

She was almost startled when her senses snapped to attention and took notice of every detail. Her blood rushed. Dear god, he felt good. How did he convey so much longing into one tiny kiss? Butterflies fluttered in her chest.

He didn’t pull away. He stayed close.

She was acutely aware he was only a hairbreadth away. He waited for her to come to him. She leaned forward and tentatively returned a single soft kiss. 

It felt so right. She wanted more. Without thinking, her hands reached out and gently caressed the sides of his face. Her fingers tangled in his hair. She felt his warm breath on her cheek. Her lips parted and gently glided against his. She pressed her lips against his soft mouth. His full lips begged to be nipped and gently dragged her teeth across the cushioned softness. 

David felt so good. He took her breath away. Had she ever enjoyed a first kiss this much? He had such a beautiful mouth, what would it feel like to have David’s soft kisses stray between her thighs? Her throat tensed. She crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together beneath the table. A sharp thrill zipped through her. She wanted to wrap her legs around him and cover his face in kisses. This could get out of hand fast. It felt so natural to kiss David. He was so good to be near. She wanted to go on kissing him but reminded herself they were in a restaurant and the tablecloth couldn’t hide everything that was going on. She breathlessly broke the kiss and slowly pulled back.

David and Lily don’t stay in the restaurant for long…lol
I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.

Katalina Leon “Beautiful Stranger” Ellora’s Cave Sophisticate Line.


  1. Thank you Amber! You're a good sport to come by for a double kiss!
    It's one of those weeks...
    I realized it was blog day in the wee-hours and I was up to my elbows in everything else.
    XXOO Kat

  2. I totally agree that kissing says a great deal about a man!

  3. Tessie, I completely agree with you!
    XXOO Kat

  4. Kissing is incredibly important. Yes, a good kisser. There's a study out now about how a man secretes testosterone in his saliva so there is a physiologic basis to our female response to a kiss.

  5. Ha ah! That's why they grab you at the front door... lol
    Nature is a wonderful thing!
    XXOO Kat


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