Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This has been a busy week of doing everything but what I thought I should be doing. I was tantalizingly close to finishing a WIP when the flu came to visit in our household. I had a very bored, nosy ten year old trying to read over my shoulder all day long as I tried to write. So, I gave up trying to finish the final love scene until the coast was clear.
I didn’t write a Wednesday blog either (oh dear how lazy can I get?) lol

Today I want a share a quick excerpt from “Nice Package”. Nice Package does take place the day after Christmas, but it’s a story that can be enjoyed anytime of the year. It’s really about a couple who stop the hectic routines of work and parenting long enough to reconnect and recharge as lovers. (Hey, where’s my Nice Package?)

This scene takes place after a lot of naughtiness has already happened in the kitchen. Cora is beginning to realize that Jim’s new game has a few strict rules….

“The living room looked lovely. The lights were dimmed low and the fire had burned down to a scarlet smolder that seemed to be releasing more heat than light. The Christmas tree she and the boys had so carefully trimmed glittered in the corner.

He led her toward a padded leather ottoman set conveniently near the fire. “Sit.”

She sat on the ottoman, feeling the welcome warmth of the fire on the side of her face.

He walked toward the Christmas tree and pulled a large, elegantly wrapped box from behind the tree. “This is for you.” The ruby foil wrapping on the box gleamed brilliantly when it was dragged into the firelight. The huge loopy bow on top looked velvety soft.

“More?” She sighed sweetly at the sight of the beautifully presented package. Jim had already given her a couple of nice presents that morning. It had been a lean year and both had agreed to concentrate on the boys’ gifts. This big gorgeous box was completely unexpected. She had no idea what it might be, and frankly she didn’t care. It was enough to be getting time alone with Jim and a bit of much needed loving attention. Still, she couldn’t wait to get her hands on the box and open it. Surprises thrilled her. “I see you saved a treat for last.” A bright smile warmed her face. I’ve been good. Give me my gift. She leaned forward and eagerly reached toward the box.

“No.” Jim gently stopped her hand. “The box won’t be opened until tomorrow and even then you will not be allowed to look inside to view the contents. Only I can open this box.”

She gasped in disappointment. That didn’t sound like very much fun at all. Her hopes plummeted.

Jim’s fingertips gently tapped the lid of the box. “Inside this box is everything I need to make all your favorite naughty little dreams come true—surprises, tension and even a few of the desires you might think I would never allow.”

“Oh,” her voice dropped. Her heart sped as her imagination went berserk. She harbored more than a few naughty little desires, and she wondered which ones would fit easily inside a box. Her hands gravitated toward the package in utter fascination. “Please, Jim, just one tiny peek?”

He slowly shook his head. “Absolutely not.” He moved closer and dangled a black blindfold in front of her face. “This is just the beginning.”

He quickly wrapped the blindfold around her head and tied it off, making sure she could not peek from beneath. He carefully tucked the edges of the blindfold under. When he was satisfied she could see nothing, he pulled something from underneath the ottoman that made a clangy metallic sound and brought her wrists behind her back. He quickly buckled her wrists into a pair of fur-lined cuffs and snapped them together.

“There.” He paused. “That ought to keep you from peeking at the box while I’m gone.”

She tipped her head from side to side, searching for even a fleck of light. There was none. Her world was black. The cupped edges of the blindfold blocked all light. A moment of panic washed over her. She rose, slightly hovering above the ottoman. “Jim, where are you going?”

His broad hands gently pushed her down onto the seat. “Stay seated. Don’t move. I’m going upstairs to take a quick shower and rinse the dish soap from my skin. I’ll be right back.”

She didn’t want to be left alone blindfolded. “Jim…”

Even shackled and blindfolded Cora can’t be trusted alone. That’s all I’ll say! Lol

I hope a few of you will give yourselves a “Nice Package” and enjoy a few of the thrills Cora’s discovers.
Thank you.

XXOO Katalina Leon

Katalina Leon “Nice Package” Ellora’s Cave Moderne Line
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  1. Jim and Cora's love story is a great read no matter what the season!

    I hope the flu moves back out of your home quickly!!

  2. Thank you Tessie!
    I'm tired of the flu! I opened a door and chased it out with a broom--enough already! It's been stalking one household member per week since New Years and the flu has finally worn out its welcome.I think everybody is actually healthy today.
    XXOO Kat

  3. Glad everyone is healthy. Cora is definitely a naughty girl and should be tied up and blindfolded to keep her away from that package!
    Seriously a great read anytime of the year.

  4. Thank you Amber!
    What is and what is NOT in the package is the fun part.
    XXOO Kat

  5. Oh, gosh, this is the best book! I love it.

  6. Thank you Julia! It feels a little funny to be peddling a holiday themed story in January. I feel a little like the last neighbor on the block to take down their Christmas lights! lol
    But Nice Package really is a fun read for anytime of the year if I immodestly say so myself.
    XXOO Kat


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