Monday, January 10, 2011

Like Weddings? I do! And so do Allie Standifer & Desiree Holt

Got a great wedding story? Funny? Sad? Happy? Wonderful?
Last fourth of July, Allie Standifer, Desiree Holt and I partied. Dined. Drank. And talked about the most favorite things we loved.
WEDDINGS turned out to be one of them.
So full of hope.
But a damn drag for those who go partnerless--or hoping to soon be partnered, or wishing they could find a great partner!
So, 'pardner', these 3 Texas gals have a series for you, WEDDING BELLES.
A quartet of books, the first of which is Allie's debuting Jan 12, then mine 2 days later, and Desiree's Jan. 19. the 4th book, SOMETHING BLUE byall 3 of us, is soon to pop in the schedule at EC.
We've got one of the bridesmaids who wishes to god she wasn't. A Mother of the Bride who longs for a younger man and donchaknow, he's The Best Man. Then the Bride. She shouldn't have any challenges, should she? Oh. MY. She. Does. She longs for one last night of...
Well, you must come and see!
Here's nibble of Allie's SOMETHING OLD.

Adair knows he screwed up when he left Brina and fell under the weight of family pressure. None of the women acceptable to his parent’s and other relatives have moved his heart or body. Seeing Brina again simplifies everything in his life. He wants this woman he tossed so carelessly away. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to win her back in his life and bed.

During an impromptu to meeting in the hotel bar, Brina has a few drinks to deaden her nerves and need. It works until Adair walks in, looking as sexy and desirable as ever. He bullies and dares her into a private suite then seduces her right out of her objections, clothes and into his bed.
And an excerpt
: (copyright 2011, Allie Standifer, all rights reserved.)

Midnight dark eyes look down at her and a shiver of suppressed desire ran across her arms. “Brina, I’m taking you someplace where we can talk. I know you don’t owe me the courtesy, but I’m asking you for it none the less.”

His low tone and words stopped her struggling like nothing else could have. The Adair she’d known would have demanded, cajoled or bullied his way into getting what he wanted. Hearing the actual words come of his sinfully delicious mouth filled her with enough curiosity to follow his lead.

“Thank you,” he said then removed his arm from around her waist to press the elevator button. At once she felt the loss of his touch. It had always been this way between them, instant and electric chemistry with even the simplest of glances or touches. Her body aroused from the mere sight of him. Aching to be taken in the way only Adair could.

As they stepped into the empty elevator Brina moved away from him as far as the small space would let her while her mind ran wild. Hadn’t she just complained about wanting a man, at least for the wedding? Raine had told her to grab life with both hands before she found herself old and alone. Even Zoe, her sweet little sorority sister, had encouraged Brina to live a little this weekend.

Sneaking a side long look at Adair’s tall lean frame with his thick jet black hair curling over the top of his white dress shirt, his tanned skin standing out against the pale material she knew she wanted him. The physical aspect of their relationship had always been great, better than great. What would it be like to have all the muscled power directed at her again after all these years?

But she couldn’t…wouldn’t go there again. Having him walk out of her life the last time nearly destroyed her. She’d given this man her heart, soul and trust and he’d left without a backward glance.

But we want him, her aroused hormones whined. If it had been any man other than the one standing stiffly next to her she might have entertained the thought of having a weekend fling, but he was who he was and no amount of wishing would change the very nature of his personality.

Besides, the weak horny part of her nature cajoled, if you fuck him and leave him maybe you’ll finally be able to get on with your life.

That voice, she mentally decided, definitely had a point. Maybe it was time to turn the tables on Mr. Lord of all he surveys Al’Hassan. She could screw his brains out, leaving him panting and weak in bed while she walked away this time.

Oh yeah, it was time to see if Adair could take what he so easily dished out."
What is your favorite wedding story?


  1. Oh this is going to be a hot series. Looking forward to reading it!
    Congrats ladies.

  2. Cerise, this sounds like a winning series.
    XXOO Kat

  3. Thank so much! We had a wonderful time creating this wedding party!
    And we gave them something to love in every case. Nothing like collaborating!


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