Saturday, January 15, 2011

I have a new print book out...
And I am ordering enough author copies to give one to every indie bookstore in my area...

I always wondered how authors got onto the NY Times Best Seller list, and one of those best selling authors gave me a little hint that sounded amazing silly.  She simply said that her books were not selling.  The bookstores didn't think the book would sell, so no one ordered. Then she took one of her books in to the owner of a small book store, and she asked him to have his wife read it.  A small gift.  The wife raved about it. The book seller order a dozen copies on consignment. 

If one book sells in a week from each bookstore, that actually constitutes best seller status.  However, since my publisher is not a big NY house, I will settle for just selling one book each week from each of the ten book seller locations. LOL!  I know I will not make much on trade paperback sales, because they are so expensive to print, but if I make a couple of bucks off each book that sells, that'll make me happy as a clam.  I fully expect to have to offer a discount, and pay about 25% of my own profit to the book seller for acting as my sales partner, but people will be buying my books.  If they sell well, the book store will order direct from RP or EC.

Of course, this is all pie in the sky right now, but it's worth a try!  Wish me luck!


Fran Lee


  1. I hope this works. Once anyone reads one of your books they'll quickly be back for more! I wish you the best.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Yeah!!! A new print book : ) "Dictated by Fate"--Wow! I loved it! Great characters who were deeply attracted to each other despite their initial misunderstanding of each other's sexuality. Very enjoyable banter and smokin' sexual heat between Antonio and Christine! You added a mystery to solve and dangerous elements to overcome before these two red-hot lovers finally knew theirs was a love to last a lifetime. It was "dictated by fate". A terrific, sizzlin' hott romance read ; )

  3. Thanks so much, lovies! you warm the cockles of me heart...

  4. Congrats, Fran! Yes, send it everywhere!

  5. Will do! Now don't forget to check my NEWSLETTER over at my website! It gives info on how you can win a copy of Dictated by Fate!


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