Friday, January 21, 2011

The fabulous author, Nina Pierce!

When the Muse Takes a Holiday!

I’ve been banging my head on my keyboard trying to come up with a blog post that was, if not profound, at least pithy and witty. I gotta tell you, five days into an eight day blog tour … I got nothing. Today the well is empty. And all the chocolate and wine in the cupboard doesn’t seem to be prompting my muse into action. (Actually, she’s sleeping quite peacefully on the couch next to me.)

Which of course, got me thinking about how difficult this whole writing gig really is.

I’ve had no less than fifty jobs in my life. Everything from nature educator to waitress, 4-H camp counselor to jeans salesperson, real estate secretary to girl’s dormitory janitor and nothing, I mean nothing (not even a classroom of twenty-5 year olds) was as HARD as writing books (nope, not even the college shower drains).

Even when I was teaching at a local science center, there were days I could show up without really “showing up” for the job. I’m a great teacher (without a self-confidence issue ;) ), it’s a natural for me. I knew my lessons inside-out, backwards and upside down. Which meant, even when my mouth was going and my hands holding up specimens, sometimes my brain was writing the grocery list or thinking about last night’s…okay, well, let’s not go there. The point is, I didn’t have to be engaged to be good at my job.

But writing? Ah, there’s an intellectual challenge that requires all cylinders be firing at full capacity. You can’t show up to your keyboard with half your brain thinking about what you’re going to cook for dinner. Well, you can, but the results will be less than stellar. Reviewers don’t like less than stellar. Editors tear apart less than stellar. And the readers? Yeeeeah, you just don’t want to go there.

But for all the head banging, sweat inducing and hair pulling moments, there isn’t any other profession that’s given me such a kick-in-the-pants thrill as seeing my name on a book. *sigh* And trust me when I tell you…it never gets old! My favorite quote by Michael Kanin, “I don’t like writing, but I love to have written”, sums up my love/hate relationship with my new career.

So what about you? Have you ever had a job that you LOVED, but was really challenging? Have you ever tried your hand at writing? Curious writers are dying to know.

Nina did manage to wrangle her muse and pen her newest book “Maid for Master”. This novella is a contemporary romp into the world of BDSM. It’s available from Ellora’s Cave (buy link:


When lust and deception collide…will her complete submission be enough to bind their hearts?

Treat herself to a carnal weekend at the hedonistic retreat, XTC Resorts? That’s not something Claire Calderwood, a three-time loser in the relationship department would ordinarily do. But at forty-one, having a successful cleaning business is no longer enough. She wants a chance to let go of all responsibility, submit to a stranger’s sexual demands and satisfy her darkest fantasies.

Jonathon Brierton has known his best friend’s sister long enough to recognize her submissive nature. He would like nothing more than to have Claire bound naked and at the mercy of his flogger as he teaches her the sensual art of obeying her Master. At thirty-something, he’s a successful real estate developer, owner of a BDSM resort—and hopelessly in love with the older woman.

When Claire follows him to his resort, Jonathon is certain he can keep his identity secret long enough to convince her that being restrained in his stocks is something that will satisfy them both. But lies, deceit and broken hearts may not be so easy to overcome.


“Are you too focused on your next conquest to be good company?” Ethan Jacobs, the manager of the XTC Resorts here in Key West, didn’t really need an invitation and slid into the padded chair next to Jon without waiting for an answer. His crisp white shirt and the knife-edged creases of his black dress pants were in sharp contrast to the yards of leather and miles of naked flesh displayed by most of the patrons of Paradise Cove. “You weren’t exaggerating, my friend. She is exquisite.”

He didn’t need to ask whom Ethan referred to. The manager had personally checked Claire and Jon into their separate suites earlier in the day. “And scared,” Jon said. Even from this distance he could see it play across the tremble of Claire’s lips and the nervous fingers toying with her hair. He’d expected that. It just grated that he could do nothing at the moment to help her overcome it.

“But she’s here tonight and completely mesmerized by the scene in the public dungeon.”

“Only step one, my friend.” Jon pulled his gaze from Claire. There was no sense torturing himself. It would be a half-hour or more before the Doms and subs in the open arena below would finish playing out their scenes. Their interactions were intense, and he had no doubt the private rooms one floor below would be filled with eager players following the show. He intended to be in one of them with Claire. He had the room already reserved and set up for her. Until then, he needed to bide his time. “And there is the small detail of her not knowing exactly who I am,” Jon added quietly.

Ethan stared at him, the questions etched in the deep V between his manicured brows. “I’m pretty sure she mentioned you were on vacation together.”

Jon lifted his glass of tonic water, the ice long melted. “Correction, she booked a vacation to Paradise Cove with her fiancé.” He gulped the last of the tepid drink but couldn’t dislodge the lump of guilt clogging his throat. “The man conveniently broke off the engagement at the last minute and cancelled his trip. I slipped in, managed to convince her to keep her plans and allow me to tag along.” He set the glass down. “But Claire believes she’s here with Jonathon Brierton. She knows nothing of Master Xavier.”

Ethan fell back in his chair, his baritone laughter rolling in rhythm with the pounding beat of the background music. “That would explain the whole ‘pretend the boss isn’t here’ charade you’re trying to pull off this weekend.”

Their easy friendship relaxed the knot in Jon’s shoulders. “It didn’t occur to you I might actually just want a vacation?”

“At one of your own fetish resorts? Hardly.” Ethan scoffed.

**Giveaway** Nina’s giving away a box full of goodies, including her erotic suspense novel, “Healer’s Garden” to a random commenter from all the blogs she visits during her tour between Jan 17 and Jan 25.

Nina Pierce is an award-winning author of erotic romance. Her stories fall in all genres from contemporary to paranormal. When she’s not sitting at her computer creating stories of lust and love, she’s spending time with her real life hero and husband of twenty-six years, her three adult children and a menagerie of aging pets. You can keep up with all her latest books on her website ( or her blog ( or follow her on twitter ( and facebook (


  1. Julia, I bet your muse will back up to full strength in no time!!

    Nina, Great excerpt and congrats on the new release!

  2. Oh no Tessie - while my must is also taking a brief holiday, this is Nina's post! But I think her muse is back up to speed!

  3. So far I haven't had a job that I just LOVED, but I have positive things to say about all of those jobs and have learned a lot from them.

  4. Maid for Master sounds wonderful! Doesn't your muse deserve a little a downtime after delivering a gem like that? (pssssst... bribe her with something nice you both love.) lol
    XXOO Kat


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