Monday, January 17, 2011

Cliches that murder me

Disclaimer: Pix has NADA to do with topic.
Just nice CANDY for your Monday pleasure!
I have a thing for cliches that make me pause in my reading and say, urgle, this doesn't fit.
Like the Regency lady who sits on the shelf likes books. No pun intended. She's too smart to fall in love, or just too wise and she challenges ALL men in her path? Really?
Or the pirate who got that way because Daddy rejected him. HUH? A pirate is supposed to be a lawless creature of the high seas, without conscience or morals, or mores. How could he care if Daddy was a bastard, hmm?
How about the contemporary woman who is responsible in all else, but falls for the cad who never seems to fall for anyone? Perhaps because he is incapable?
I dunno, but I like characters a little more intelligent, integrated, noble and wise.
How about you?
Got any cliches that just do not work for you?


  1. What? Did you ask a question? I'm still lost on the picture! LOL

    I agree with your cliches. Not too intelligent.

  2. Some cliches will live forever like the silently brooding cowboy hung like the horse he rides... Ah.
    I just can't wait for him to meet the bookish Regency maid, swimming in debt, who has rejected all suitors and never been kissed.
    Here it comes... Kaboom! lol
    XXOO Kat

  3. Hung like the horse he rides??? ROTFLMAO!
    Cliches - the bookish spinster who stays home to care for...whoever...but is somehow discovered and revealed to be a beauty.
    The TSTL heroine who is always in need of saving - mostly from herself IMO.
    The brute, oh, I mean so-called Alpha male - a brute and an Alpha male are NOT the same thing.

  4. See me laughing my slim ass (???!!&^%$^) off at you all!
    Hung like a horse.
    The cowboy above?
    Yes. Let us catch our breaths.
    Alpha and brute, not same. BRAVO. Exactimundo! And the difference the writing!


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