Saturday, January 8, 2011

After a great start at 2,000 words, I've bogged down to 500 per day.

This sweet little widget was made during my continuous writing...

However, I actually have only written one book since it was made. Woman on Fire. One book in seven months is not good. Not when you are relying on the income from your books to pay bills.  Looks like there will be no trip to Romanticon this year...not unless I get my fanny in gear.

I was writing all day, and erasing as fast as I wrote, so this post is late arriving.  Forgot all about it being Saturday until I got online.  Gaack!
I'll be sitting hre writing until I get going again. 

Fran Lee


  1. You can do. I have faith in you. Look at all the great books you've written.

  2. Fran, try to get in touch with why you love to write and allow yourself to fall back in love with what you're so good at.
    XXOO Kat

  3. Criminy, Fran! 500 words a day would be heaven for me right now! You'll do it, girl! It will happen!

  4. You can do it. You are a wonderful writer.

  5. Fran,
    You are such a gifted story teller! The words will come, and we fans will be thrilled to read your next great book!!


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