Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Christmas shopping is done...

But I'm Not Done Giving Stuff Away!
 I am in the Christmas Giving Mood, and between now and Christmas morning, I plan to give one of my back list books to the first person who comments on the blog post.  The trick is, I will offer this on a different blog every day through Christmas morning, so you will have to snoop a bit to find the right blog for the right day.

A few rules:  

1.) Only one book to an individual commenter...but you are most welcome to comment even if you don't get there first...LOL!  (I might be tempted to give away something else to the rest of you!)

2.) Starting Sunday the 19th, I will offer one  of my books on one of my several blogs. The cover of the book on the blog tells you which book is up for grabs.  The title of the blog will simply be "be the first to comment to win this book".

3.) The following day, I will offer a different book on a different blog.  Those of you who are familiar with my blogs should have no trouble. But for those of you who don't follow all of my blogs, I will list all of my various blogs below.

So get to the correct blog early, and don't let any reindeer poop get in your way.  Jump the bigger piles and wipe your feet at the door.
Merry Christmas...

Fran Lee


  1. I love your backlist but unfortunately I can't enter because I've read them all - but I highly recommend them to the rest of you!

  2. I think a few ladies might get some reindeer poop on their dainty shoes because there's going to be a mad scramble this week to get Fran Lee books! Lucky for me I have a full catalog so I'm going to allow another lucky person to enjoy the boon.
    Merry Christmas everyone!
    XXOO Kat

  3. Now starts on Sunday...and runs through Christmas morning!

  4. Folks you're gonna want to read this hot number!

  5. This book is excellent. Whoever gets it is in for one great read!

  6. You have the best contests:-) but don't enter me because I have them all! You can't go wrong with a Fran Lee title!

    Merry Christmas, Fran!

  7. Hey Fran how you doing??? I somehow have missed getting any of your books. Don't really know how that happened. But I'm a book slut. hehe

  8. Hi, you mean at Romanticon? Now if you want to win one of my books on this contest, you need to check all of the blogs I listed very early, and be the first to comment on the correct blog for that day. No book was set to go until the 19th.

  9. Marie and Paris, you are so kind! Thanks for the great comments!

  10. Tessie, Amber and SiNn, thanks so much!

  11. Hey Fran - I'll leave a comment to repeat myself - these are wonderful books! Leave lots of comments, readers!


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