Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It’s December 1st and the runaway train rushing toward the winter holidays has begun its down-the-mountain cannonball assault on my work schedule, energy and budget.

Every year I vow to stay on track and not let things get out of control but somehow they always do.

Why can’t I keep it simple? I don’t know why!

As December kicks in I start thinking about all the terrific memories I could be creating for my family. I say yes to every holiday activity flung far or wide, volunteer time I don’t have and get too involved with too many things. I know I’m not alone in this. I see a lot of other stressed women doing the same thing.

Then I realize the new year is just around the corner, and my personal ambitions kick into high gear. It’s time to go to the gym and really get back in shape so I can pull up the zipper on a nice New Year’s Eve dress… I'll fantasize about it. This is ridiculous because most New Year’s Eves we stay home and I don’t own a New Year’s dress.

Then my mind wanders towards the possibility of getting a new book finished. The thought of turning in a new book is so invigorating I begin to fantasize about finishing two books… I did that last year and I really enjoyed the challenge. This year it makes no sense at all, yet I still think I should be doing it because I associate it so strongly with last year’s holiday season and the great sense of accomplishment it brought.
The holidays just seem to bring out my crazed side that lays dormant most of the year. 

I seem to crave exhaustion or testing the limits and that’s not what the holidays are about.

This season I really am going to try to stay sane and not pressure myself so badly. Holiday activities and time spent with loved ones are going to be my “Big Ticket Gifts” to myself.

If a few things don’t get done—so be it.  

If a WIP gets finished, hooray, but if I don’t, I won’t push it.

Brave words we’ve yet to see if I can do any of it. 

Does anybody else have a few dirty little self-imposed holiday stresses they would like to confess? Come on, I know a few of you are already shedding tears over making handmade gifts, turning your living rooms in Elven villages or that upcoming, over-ambitious cookie exchange at the boss’ house…confess! lol


  1. My only stress is getting the shopping done in time. I don't bake. :( at my families request. LOL I'm horrible at hand crafts, but I can buy nice gifts that will make everyone happy.

    My only other goal is finishing All or Nothing and Sex on the Beach before the year end!

  2. Ha! My point exactly, two books by New Year's-I'm not alone... lol

  3. I'm usually done shopping before Thanksgiving - this year I'm not even close!! I don't have Xmas cards done, haven't started planning the office party that I'm in charge of, my house is a mess and as you know I have a looming deadline!! Me, stressed?? Nawwwww

  4. I am really scaling back this season. Simplifying. Usually we overdo things and I feel like I'm going insane. Not this year. Hang in there, Kat!


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