Monday, December 20, 2010

Gifts of glee!

Gifts I give myself for Christmas.

Hot fudge sauce I dare not make any other time of year for fear of overdose. I make it for my friends, too. (Today, I am making 3 batches. Hmmm. Sample, anyone? Here's your spoon.)

Home made pasta. Takes for damn-ever to do. Melts in your mouth. Like butter. The greatest lasagna this English-German girl ever made.

No tree. Ten minute house decoration! Of course, this is mainly because we have no little people living with us any longer. All our "little" ones are Big Ones. They get their own trees. We Admire.

Fewer Christmas cards. Oh, joy to the world. Our friends get phone calls, we get dinner or lunch out with them, long emails and no Christmas letters of summaries of the year past. We figure if we know you, you know what we did last year. We probably did it with you! And what you don't know? Won't hurt you.

Since in our family, we have in the space of 20 days, Christmas, Wedding Anniversary, New Year's and a Child's Birthday Jan 1, plus one more Birthday later, by mid-January, our goose is cooked. We look on January as R&R.

Hubbie and I also give ourselves great wine to go with our carefully planned and jointly executed dinners this time of year. (Which come to think of it is becoming every night, any way!) Great wine means not the most expensive, but not the cheapest either. We'll do $15-$40 per bottle. You get to live another day, you get an education on what goes with what. With the not so pricey stuff, you get Headaches. They are not worth it. And bad wine tastes like crap and isn't worth the few $$$ we might spend on them.

The other thing I have learned to give myself is freedom in the stores. I go to the mall or stores by 10 a.m. at the latest. Me and the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. We know what we want and we have the time and tendency to smile at each other at that hour. Plus all the drinkers are either re-cuperating or haven't begun yet. The roads are clear of traffic, too.

Food, wine, peace of mind.

What do you give yourself for the holidays?


  1. I give myself time to read new books by my friends. LOL!

  2. Over the last few years I've cut back on a lot of the holiday 'crazy' and instead spend more quality time with the people I love.

  3. Well, this German/English gal does the whole Christmas shebang with traditions from both sides. I'm English and the hubby is we do a mix.

    One of the things I give myself is a relaxed Boxing Day. We have ahuge family and I spend two days in the kitchen, then make sure everyone has everything so Boxing Day is my feet up day!!! Whoohoo!!!!

    in Germany

  4. At Christmas time we treat ourselves every year to a great movie experience with friends at a great theater. Sometimes we drive 110 miles round trip but it's worth it. It's becoming our tradition and I love it.
    XXOO Kat
    PS Fudge sauce yum!

  5. What fun, Cerise! I prefer giving and receiving homemade gifts - always! Have a wonderful Christmas.


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