Wednesday, December 8, 2010

At Seven Sexy Scribes we usually share sexy, funny, fantasy stories.

Today is a little different and I’m going to take a chance and share another kind of book with you that dips into a darker reality. It’s a vividly written book and it’s a difficult book. It’s always a big risk to switch topics especially during the cheerful holiday season, but I think there’s value in remembering life’s not supposed to be perfect.  It’s how we react to those imperfections that determine if we will survive, heal and thrive as human beings. 

The book I want to share today is Julia Rachel Barrett’s “Come Back to Me.” From Evernight Press.

Sometimes the safest path is to keep people at a distance…especially men.
Cara’s life has been one nightmare after another. Abused as a child and neglected by her parents, she’s quick to blame herself for every cruel thing that happens to her. And then there’s James, the only man capable of making her forget her misgivings and learn to love again.
James, a young doctor in training, is aware of Cara’s history. He’s determined to break through her barriers and build a life with her…and fails. Cara runs away in an attempt to reinvent herself and James fears he’s lost her for good. When she falls into the hands of a drug dealer and mob boss, life as they know it is about to get a whole lot worse.
Can their love withstand the demons of her past and present?
Be Warned: violence against heroine, rape of heroine.

I just finished reading “Come Back to Me”. This book is beautifully written, incredibly involving and true to life. It will stick in your mind, you might forget your reading fiction, and it may make you mad.

There is a great deal of love in “Come Back to Me” but this is not an erotic romance. This is a “Lifescape” of a young woman named Cara. 

The story begins in 1967, and the way the story is written perfectly demonstrates how ill prepared the professional community is when it comes to dealing with overt sexual abuse. Doctors, lawyers and parents alike all see the effects of Cara’s abuse but no one in authority seems to know how to cope with the issue except for an enlighten nurse named Debbie and a young intern name James Mackie.

“Come Back To Me” covers some dark subjects including rape, sexual abuse and drugs, but I want to assure readers the material is always handled in an honest but sensitive way. It’s never too graphic or overwhelming yet I got pulled into events and found myself deeply sympathizing with Cara. Ms. Barrett has a gift for keeping it simple, clean and fast paced.

I felt Cara’s anxiety and frustration at knowing her adult neighbor had no boundaries and might appear in her bedroom as soon as her parents drove away. The details of Cara’s struggles are internal and emotional. We know what happen to Cara not from overblown scenes but from the true to life emotional reactions Cara endures after. It’s a strong book and because it is written so well, it will trigger an emotional reaction from readers.

Once we taste Cara’s pain the story flows and it’s too compelling to put down because we know why Cara does what she does and we also feel for her when a chance to live a better life is offered. This is when the romance kicks in, and you really feel the love between Cara and James.

It’s no spoiler to say James is protective, loving, patient and completely opens his heart to Cara and everything that comes with her.

My guess is that each of us can directly relate to something Cara goes through, including her healing or we know a beloved girl-woman in our lives who has.

“Come Back to Me” is one of those gripping creations that might sound unattractive on the surface but reveals itself as beautiful inside. This oyster has a pearl to share with anyone who needs to heal from any of these issues or simply enjoys seeing real love triumph.

I got pulled into the story, I got upset, and I had a beautiful feeling of catharsis when I was finished. I’m very glad I read “Come Back to Me.”


Have you heard about Evernight Press? 
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Julia Rachel Barrett “Come Back To Me” Evernight Press.


  1. You've really given us an insightful look into this emotional charged book.

    Thanks Kat!

  2. "Come Back to Me" is an amazing book! Well worth looking into.
    XXOO Kat

  3. Oh wow, thanks Kat. You are so amazing! My husband never read the book, because as you know...he knows the story and he felt it would be too emotionally draining, but he's reading it and loving it. Between the two of you and you too, Amber, I'm feeling encouraged.

  4. Powerful book, Julia! Thanks for such an insightful review, Kat.

  5. Julia is truly a wordsmith, a storyteller of the highest degree. Every emotion I had was thrown into this story.

  6. Come Back To Me sounds like a gripping and totally engrossing read. This is going onto my TBB list!

  7. Cara's story sounds remarkable and touching. I'm sure there's going to be some tears and choking up when I read it, sure signs of a true "wordsmith" as A.D puts it.

  8. Julia,
    You have a real gift for nuanced storytelling and I can already tell by Kat's review that this is a must read!
    Evernight Press is lucky to have you with them.

  9. Thank you all - blushing! I'll be honest, selling this book was a biatch! Evernight scooped it up with open arms!


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