Thursday, November 4, 2010

Revisiting My Vamps

A wonderful review this week for TLNaV

How about an excerpt?

“Just remember, I was painfully honest regarding my skill level.” She smiled shyly first at Tony before turning toward Rick, who was now standing next to them. “But I’m game if you are.”

Rick flashed his killer grin as he lowered his head. Sandy eagerly reached out and pulled him down to her lips. He laid one hand on her thigh and gently cupped her breast with the other. His kiss was tentative, as were his hands. Hers were not. She grabbed a handful of his hair as she guided his fingers to play with her nipple. He pinched the hardened tip, and when she whimpered with pleasure, his tongue slid between her parted lips.

Unlike Tony, who had taken command and control of their passion, Rick coaxed and teased, allowed her to set the pace. Sandy’s confidence increased with each touch and taste. When she tried to shimmy closer to Rick, Tony’s arms flexed, reminding her she was held by one man while she made out with another!

What was a girl to do? Still kissing Rick, she let go of his hair and wrapped her arm around Tony’s neck, pulling them all more tightly together. She stroked his skin as he dropped kisses on the top of her head.

“I swear to God we are going to leave this kitchen.” Tony’s strained words had her laughing against Rick’s lips.

“Aren’t you kind of in charge of that?” she asked playfully, looking down at the floor and swinging her legs that dangled over his arm.

“Indeed I am,” he agreed quickly. “Upstairs, Rick, now.”

“I think I could get used to this mode of transportation.” She giggled as Tony took the stairs two at a time. His eagerness was endearing, thrilling and wildly arousing. Her confidence increased with every step he took.

“If it makes you happy, we’ll take turns carrying you everywhere you want to go, honey.” Rick laughed as they entered the bedroom.

“An interesting concept but kind of problematic in public though.”

“Then we will only use our very private way of transportation to get you to where we can make love.” Tony set her gently on the bed. In a flash, both men were gloriously naked and crawling onto the mattress. They knelt at her feet and began caressing up her legs. She couldn’t help but stare at their magnificent, fully aroused cocks. Desirability and a sense of pure feminine power thrummed though her system, raising goose bumps and sending her heart racing. She reached out, but Rick caught both her hands in his and kissed her fingertips.

“Lie back, Sandy,” Rick coaxed, sliding up along her side as he guided her down onto the pillows. “Hold on here.” He placed her arms above her head and wrapped her fingers around the wooden spindles of the headboard.

“But I want to touch you,” she whimpered.

“Right now, honey, just feel.”


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