Monday, November 1, 2010

Nibble my new cherry, WHENEVER WE MEET

WHENEVER WE MEET is out now at
Lovely young widow Angela Reynolds doesn’t need a gorgeous older man pursuing her while she asserts her independence professionally and personally. But hotel magnate Stephen Montoya will not permit this sweet vibrant beauty to escape his desires. When he demands she kiss him each time she enters a room and each time she leaves it, the two of them discover that some passions cannot be denied—or tamed. So when Stephen asks her to marry him, Angela knows that she wants his tantalizing body inside hers for heart-pounding intimacies she has only imagined. Will she surrender to this dominating man or challenge her newly found freedom?
(copyright 2010, Cerise DeLand, All right reserved.)
“I have wanted you since the first moment I saw you.” She kissed his dimple and pressed herself nearer. “I think I have wanted you forever.” She put her mouth to his then, a light touch, a prelude to all she craved from him.
He moaned and bound her close, his hand in her hair, his lips seizing hers, and in his ardor, he bent her back over his arm. His mouth was warm, his tongue swift and insistent as he cherished her. His arms were steel, his torso her only support in a world topsy-turvy.
She dug her nails into his shirt as he kissed his way across her cheek and down her throat. She felt her breasts bead with hunger, her pussy cream in demand.
“I have needed to taste you, my angel, for months.” He caught her up in his arms and strode to the bedroom where he laid her gently across the satin comforter.
“Stephen,” she whispered as he straddled her and absorbed the sight of her naked body. His smoldering regard made her arch, her breasts rising with her rapid breaths, her core pulsing. “I can’t wait any longer.” She sent her hands down his torso, tugging at his shirt and his trousers. “Take these off.”
“No, mi corazon.” He bent, his lips to her own. “Now that you are mine, I have an eternity to love you.” With one open palm he traced her hair, her face, her throat, one breast, her belly and cupped her core. Two fingers slid along her seam.
She arched and quaked with expectation.
“I will show you what bliss can be,” he told her, his words more breath than sound.
“Si, si, please.”
His fingers sank inside her. She writhed upward, his molten caress along her channel making her groan and spread her thighs wider.
“You are hot to have me.” He smiled wickedly at her as he delved deeper and made her twist to get closer to him. “How lucky I am.”
She tipped up her hips. “I’m the lucky one, darling. I had no idea…um…no idea a man like you could wait.” She clutched at his shoulders as he dipped to run his open mouth along her throat and find one nipple to kiss and lick.
“I have waited years and years to find you, my sweet,” he told her as he paused to look into her eyes. “But now,” he whispered as he cupped her other breast and sucked her into his mouth, “we wait no longer. We will have all there is from the other.” He slid lower to put his lips to her belly. As he trailed kisses down to her core, the memory came that Wade had never kissed her there. Never wanted to.
She arched, ravenous to have more of Stephen’s attentions, wondering how she could be so fortunate to find him.
“My angel,” he crooned, “I knew there was beauty here.” He threaded his fingers through her pussy hair and she purred. “I knew there was sweetness here,” he spread her labia wide with two hands and bent to lick her clit with the tip of his tongue. She caught her breath, understanding that this fierce tenderness of his was what she craved. “I knew here was a woman I could possess—” He nipped her clit and then sucked it into the hot cavern of his mouth.
Fearing to move and break this luscious delight of his mouth on her, she clutched at his shoulders.
“I knew that here,” he whispered as he pinched her clit and laved her lips with fierce devotion, “was a woman who could possess me.” He crawled up to push back her hair from her cheeks. “Let me make love to you as I wish. When I wish. And in return, you must promise to tell me what you want from me.”
“I will. I promise.” That kind of sharing, that kind of freedom was new to her too. She traced the outline of his lips, then sent her hand to his hips and the hard high erection that strained the fabric of his trousers. “Show me.”
He rose and divested himself of his clothes, returning to her like a darkly sculpted god from some fable.
She ran her hands over the hard planes of his shoulders, the arch of his pectorals, the sweet taper to his waist and the sinewy definition of his loins. His cock stood tall and red, proud and oh so appealing. She caressed his turgid length and thumbed his slit in fascination until he snorted.
“We will finish before we begin!” He clamped his hand over hers.
She teased him. “You have more self-control than that. I have seen it.”
He put his cock to the entrance to her channel. “That man is no longer here.” He slid inside her, a scalding sensation of liquid fire.
Her eyes drifted closed. Her mouth opened. Her pussy pulsed around his shaft.
He circled inside her warm depths. “In his place is this man.”
“I know him,” she whispered. “He is my husband.”
“He is your lover,” he declared. “And you, my darling, are mine.”
Look for new nibbles of my COUGAR CHALLENGE story, HAT TRICK from EC next week, !


  1. It's always nice to get another taste! Thank you Cerise.
    XXOO Kat

  2. An excerpt like that sure gets my Monday going!!

  3. Major wow! Thanks and congrats! Love the cover!

  4. Holy cow! I think I need a cold shower after that excerpt! Wow! Can't even think of any thing else to say...


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