Friday, November 19, 2010

New Contract Offer

I don't know where all my canoe photos went on this computer, but here's some water!

I just received an offer from Siren for my new contemporary romantic comedy, Pushing Her Boundaries. The story is based upon my own recent disastrous and very insanely hilarious trip to the BWCA - the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota.

So...coming 4/11/11, Pushing Her Boundaries.
Believe me, this book was a hoot to write!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll talk to you all the day after!


  1. Major congratulations on both the book contract and surviving the original canoe trip. I have to read this one... I know it's going to be good!
    XXOO Kat

  2. Yay! Congrats. I can't wait to read this book. I KNOW it will be fabulous.

  3. Thanks girls. Aw shucks...
    and many thanks to our crazy guides for inspiring this story!

  4. Julia, Congratulations on the contract!!!


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