Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moving at a Turtle's Pace

Today was the first productive day I’ve had in a long time. I added 1500 to my wip. You wouldn’t mind but it’s under contract. I have to write it. Which leads me to wonder – am I blocked because I have to write it?
Words normally flow from me easily. I can plow through a 25k book in a month. Yet, it’s been six weeks and this has 6400 words. Yes, I’ve been busy with other things in my life, but writing always took priority.
Lately I find myself sleeping in rather than waking at 4am. I’m sure the change of season plays a part. November has always been a productive month for me. In the last 4 years I’ve participated in Nano I’ve accomplished the 50k goal. I don’t see that happening this year.
I’m not beating myself up about it. I’ve had a good year. Scratch that I’ve had a GREAT year. I’ve had a release every month in 2010, except February, BUT, I had two in March, two in June and three in September so it all averages out.
I think I feel the pressure of not having anything planned for 2011. Yes, I have the contract for All or Nothing, so that should be published in 2011, but other than that – nothing.
Am I freaking myself out? Maybe. Before long I’ll be setting my goals for the New Year. What heights do I want to reach next year?
What goals do you want to reach in 2011?


  1. You might have to trick your Muse into thinking the coast is clear. Turn off the computer, walk away and say aloud "I'm done for awhile... absolutely no writing, no thinking about writing, no fantasizing about all the fun stuff I want to explore and definitely NO NaNo! NaNo is a no no!"
    I wonder how far you'll get? lol
    XXOO Kat

  2. I'll have to try it and let you know! ;)

  3. Amber, you are one of the most amazingly prolific authors I know. Don't sweat it. I agree with Kat - NaNo is a big nono. Too distracting and uses up waaaaay too much time.

  4. Hugs Julia! :) I'm taking the advice to heart. I truly am.


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