Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I love the excitement of having a new book come out but each time that happens I forget how distracting it is to the rest of the writing process.

I can’t concentrate to write on the many WIPs I need to finish because there are so many other equally important things to do. I’ve spent days doing a few simple things I thought I could accomplish in an afternoon.

I updated my other long neglected blog that was difficult to read because of too busy of a background pattern. I updated my website, which I always manage to fumble up in some way. I requested book reviews from almost everyone who reads ebooks and started planning a few guest blogs and advertising.

The book trailer for “Nice Package” took the lion’s share of the time. After a few long days of “quick tasks” I fully realized doing this job was another part-job in itself. I truly admire authors who manage these tasks well.

I asked my husband to help me design a book trailer for “Nice Package” and I love what he made. The music is Rimsky Korsakov’s “Song of India” and it’s a piece of music my mother loved and played on the piano.

I had some trouble uploading it to Youtube last night so I might change the link later because the quality isn't as sharp as I would like. Some lovely details were lost in this upload so I'll try again.

(This is an updated link! I apologize for anyone's frustration earlier today)

Also, I want to encourage everyone to join the Seven Sexy Scribes yahoo chat loop. We’re planning author chats, lots of ebook give-aways, and maybe a few surprises too. So please join. This is a fun low-key group and it’s easy to jump in.

Enjoy Veteran’s Day tomorrow and honor our Veterans in some way. We all know and we all owe someone in the Service.


  1. The hubby did a wonderful trailer for the book. I'm excited for this to be released. I want a Nice Package.

  2. Great cover, Kat!!
    I went to go check out the trailer but its not coming up right now. I'll check later.

  3. Okay girl, can't find the video! Where is it! I can't wait to see it.

  4. The quality was poor so I deleted the first upload and the second and now Youtube won't play the video without a reedit... It took 12 hours yesterday to render that video, sooo I'm going to put my husband in charge of this one.
    XXOO Kat


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