Saturday, November 13, 2010

Caption this picture and win a free copy of Hallie's Cats...

Give me the best caption for this picture from Romanticon, and win a copy of Hallie's Cats!

Everyone had loads of fun on the dance floor...and I just kept snapping away.  This week's "Caption Me" contest photo is of EC Caveman Brooks and EC author Francesca Hawley. Have fun...e-mail your caption to me at: before Thursday November 18, 2010 at midnight.  I will select the best caption, announce the winner, and upload another photo on Saturday November 20.

Make sure the subject line of your e-mail entry says "Caption Me" #1. 

Have fun...and you are allowed to enter more than once...the more the merrier!



  1. Hi Fran, I read and loved Hallie's Cats but I find caption contests just too hard to resist.
    Caption me#1
    "This is the biggest and best door-prize ever!"
    "Please be patient. I'll locate the coin slot, insert a few quarters and he'll be dancing again in a few minutes."
    "Romanticon-shmoemanticon, if no one mind's, I'll just take this leather-clad, centerpiece home with me."
    "We got one of them under control but there's still another hunky dancer loose on the floor."

    thank you Fran!
    XXOO Kat

  2. Oh what fun, I just sent an email!!!

    in Germany

  3. I sent you this in an email:

    Hey Lady, your hand on my ass is one thing, but reaching between my legs is another!

  4. Snort! You are just too much, ladies! Keep 'em coming!

  5. Oh my, I know just what to do with this!

  6. Snort!!! SOOOO funny! Thanks for all the great captions, ladies...and sorry for the delay in getting the winner her prize! You should have your prize shortly! Congrats!


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