Saturday, November 27, 2010

Better Late Than Never, I Say...

I have been busy all day and just barely got back to the house and my computer...

So I thought I would get to it and post my Saturday posts, better late than never.  I'm sure you've seen this book cover before but not very many of you have read the book.  My full length novels seem to be too long (over 250 pages) for folks to want to buy...along with the $6-7 price tags, but those who have found their way past the length and the price, have given me fabulous feedback.

A Brief Moment of Pleasure is not the usual erotic romance. gal...great sex scenes, great relationship building...yada yada yada...but most readers can't seem to get past the way my heroine wears her black belt.  Hmmm.  I thought the cover artist had a unique take on that, but several readers have asked if she practices some odd form of karate that requires the female black belt to wear her belt that way.  Sigh.  Oh, well...

So, to find out how many of you have read any of my books and are willing to admit it (tsk tsk tsk) I am offering this book as a prize to any reader who comments on this post and tells me what books he/she has read of mine.  No fibbing...I will test you on the contents of the book.  :)  

So if you want to read why this woman wears her belt all screw-ha (don't ask, because this was simply the artist's interpretation of what a sexy karateka wears to the dojo) and want to read this longer novel, leave your comments.  Every commenter will get a copy.  Then you tell me if you think the longer books are too hard to read.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.  I am still in a Turkey Coma. :P



  1. I love a longer book. It's true, sometimes reading at a computer it not the same pleasure as taking a good book into the bathtub or a warm bed, but e-readers can go under the bed covers. As more e-readers are sold I'm sure 250 pages won't be a deterrent to readers
    I've read
    Out of Her Dreams, Hallie's Cats & Nothing but Sex, and I loved them.
    XXOO Kat

  2. Well, since I've READ IT...don't enter me. A Brief Moment of Pleasure is one of my faves! I don't care how she wears her belt. I don't think her sensei does either.

  3. I've only read Out of Her Dreams and First and Ten. Looking forward to reading your others!

  4. I have read Woman on Fire (one of my favorites) and Jillian's Job. Can't wait to read some more!

  5. They've seriously asked if she really wears her belt like that? OMG! I love longer books. Don't always have the time to read them, but I enjoy them immensely.
    Now get writing so we have new work from you Fran darling!

  6. Hey Fran, I'm ashamed to say I haven't read any of your books - mainly because this year I've done more writing than reading - but that's all going to change very soon as I've put a Kindle on my Xmas list and I can't wait to fill it with smouldering stories!! Jillian's Job and Double Your Pleasure look great and are definites for my TBR list.
    Longer books - I like to read longer length stuff, I enjoy getting to know the characters and staying with them for a while.

  7. Fran, I already own A Brief Moment of Pleasure but haven't had the pleasure of reading it yet!
    I do tend to lean towards shorter ebooks because I don't have a reader and spend so much of my time at the computer already that I print many of them out so I can take them with me.
    I've read: OoHD, HC, F&T, HOSoR, JJ, DYP!!

  8. I like longer books. It gives the characters time to grow/change, etc. Makes the story richer.

  9. Okay, color me blonde, but I didn't "get" it that the heroine's bra was her karate black belt until I read this blog. So sue me.

    Seriously, you know I loved NOTHING BUT SEX, but *chagrined* that's the only book of yours I've read. That will change now that I've gotten my Nook!!

    As to longer books, no problem. I've read and loved Diana Gabaldon - she's been quoted as thinking 500 pages is a short story LOL,


  10. Thanks so much! Those of you who already own my book, thanks so much for buying it! For those who have never read my books, I hope this brings you into my world. And for those of you who have read my other books, thanks so much again! Your prizes are on their way, and thanks again!


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