Saturday, October 23, 2010

I loved every minute!

Okay...okay...I can't pretend that I am the one on the left.  I am the old fart on the right.

My first-ever romance convention was wonderful...except for the return trip.  That was a nightmare.  I can't say that I would want to travel economy class EVER again! I will go ahead and spend the extra bucks to be COMFORTABLE and FED!  Delta's idea of "lunch" for the cheap seats was a pack of pretzels and a free soda.  Of course, the First Class section got a delicious meal.  And they had their own private lavatory. Sigh.  Ya live and ya learn...

Back to Romanticon!  I met so many fabulous online friends while I was there...and I met quite a few on my reviewer pals, as well...and did I mention that I took zillions of pictures?  Okay...okay...the above photo was one of the FEW I allowed anyone to take of yours truly with my camera.  It's always good to get a snapshot with the boss, right?  As for getting pics taken with the delicious guys, I avoided that like the plague, but I'm pretty sure others managed to get a shot or two of me and Rodney during the Sash contest at the Meet and Greet.  I figured I would look pretty damn sad next to those hot bodies.  The comparison would have been crushing to an already fragile ego.  Snort!

CJ insisted I take one with him, and so did Devin. But mostly I took pics of the Cavemen and others.  I am a fair hand with portraits and closeup photos, and I think the Cavemen were amazed that I wanted their pictures from the neck up, instead of the other photogenic areas of their anatomies.   They seemed to appreciate the fact that I wanted their gorgeous smiles on film rather than their know.

Now, I took loads of pics of other authors with the guys, so if you see a photo you would love to have that is of you, go ahead and grab it. Just give me credit for the photo when you use it.

I am slowly but surely building my own Romanticon photo album on my website (won't be up until Monday) but you are welcome to drop by and see...





  1. What fun! I can't wait to do it again next year. Sorry you were sick.

  2. Fran - knock it off with the fat old fart stuff. You look fabulous!

  3. Thank you Fran, I loved the pics you posted on the EC album. It was such a treat for those of us who couldn't go to Romanticon this year! I can't tell you how sorry I was I didn't try harder to be there.
    XXOO Kat


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