Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eek an Edit! How's that for a Halloween scare?

As I’m writing this Wednesday’s blog I’m expecting edits for my holiday themed novel “Nice Package” to arrive any minute. I’m both nervous and relieved. Opening my edits always makes me a bit unsettled. I'm the type of author who really needs a good editor. Fortunately I have one. Before I open my edits I always have to get my mind right and drink a cup of coffee first. I’m also relieved because I’m hoping my story will make it into Ellora’s Cave holiday line-up and there’s a lot of great books already there.

My story is about the day after Christmas—Boxing Day, the traditional day when the hard working people got the day off and enjoyed a little bonus. My heroine, Cora is a hard-working mom who is going to get a BIG juicy bonus from the boss but it’s okay she’s married to him…

I can’t wait to get my book cover for “Nice Package”! Opening the cover art for a new book is one of the most tense and thrilling things I ever do by email. So often it’s love or shove at first sight. I’ve been pretty lucky with most of my covers and I’m looking forward to meeting and opening my heart to this one.

I got some good news this week that some of you already know. My first book, which was a novella length fantasy ménage “Blue Apples” will be going to print in the “Succulent” anthology sometime this autumn along with very talented authors Lena Mathews, Margaret L. Carter, Kim Knox and Brigit Zahara. I’m thrilled because I’m a print virgin and this is my first time having anything in print. It’s only fitting the first ménage story I ever sold would also go to print as an ménage. It’s an honor to be in such good company.

The other bit of news is my Exotika novel “Noblesword” will also be going to print in 2011 but I don’t have an exact date yet. I’m very happy about that.

I’m off to face my edits and drink my coffee or throw coffee in my face or edit my coffee I don’t know what I’m doing anymore! lol

I want to congratulation Tessie Bradford for a great 5 Tea Cup review for "Treasuring Evie" from Happily Ever After.
and Julia Rachel Barrett for having both "Beauty and the Feast" and "Captured" nominated for Eppies!
And Amber Skyze for having "Adrift" drift into Loose Id's top five!
Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all get more treats than tricks.


  1. Thanks sweetie! Congrats on the two print books, which I'll buy and have you sign at RomantiCon next year. (hint, hint)

    Have fun editing. :)

  2. Perhaps you could get into the zone by editing your coffee first!?? Nice Package is a great story, Kat! Big cyber hugs for your upcoming print releases!

    Thanks for the shout out and congrats to Julia and Amber!

  3. So much good news! Can't wait for my copy of Noblesword! Thanks for the shout-out! :)


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