Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Voyeurism is something I write about occasionally, but over the last few months we’ve been living it! You’ll have to excuse me, but it’s not anyone in our house undressing or performing sexual acts. It’s my neighbors. It seems they don’t like to wear clothes often.
It started when my husband was out on our deck tossing the ball for one of the dogs. The neighbor’s sister in law, who lives with them, was in her bedroom. Her window faces our deck. It was dusk and she went into her room and stood in front of the window with the lights on and took off her shirt. If that wasn’t enough she then removed her bra.
The DH was mortified. LOL I know you’re all thinking, “REALLY?” But yes. At first he thought it was a mistake that she didn’t realize she was exposing herself. Then it began to happen almost daily. Finally the DH gave up playing in the yard with the dogs and took them to the park.
The next encounter with the woman was with my daughter. She was out on the deck watching her daughter play in the yard when, you guessed it, she started stripping again. B came in the house flabbergasted.
About a week ago I’m out on the deck enjoying the weather when I look over and the husband is out in the yard in boxers and a t-shirt. Mind you he’s older than my father and well…not what I wanted to see. He was casually trying to hide himself. I waved and quickly went back in the house.
I may write about it in my stories, but I never imagined living it. Let me tell you it’s sexier in books!
Until next Tuesday!


  1. I think it's terrible that your neighbors behavior has affected you being able to enjoy your own yard!

  2. I agree Tessie. I love my deck and least on the pool deck I can't see them.

  3. When private stuff flows over the fence and becomes part of your life-it's no longer private. It sounds pretty awful. Your neighbors need to be considerate of others and invest in curtains, fences, hedges or anything above shoulder height that can block the uncomfortable view. I say more visual buffer less buff... lol
    XXOO Kat


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