Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today, I’m very proud to share a special treat from Amber Skyze. I just finished reading her newest book “Spend the Night with Me” and I loved it!
“Spend the Night with Me” is the latest installment of the “Freedom Fantasies” series that includes, “Pretend with Me” and “Submit with Me”, and this one might be the best yet (but I might be a wee bit biased and I’ll give you a hint why later). If you’re not familiar with “Freedom Fantasies” you’ll want to be. Freedom Fantasies is a mansion run by women for women who need a special place to heal their hearts and make their fantasies come true. In “Spend the Night with Me” the heroine, a shy, single woman named Brooke finds herself in the early stages of emotional recovery following a crushing personal loss. Her first act as a whole woman is to bravely approach Freedom Fantasies and simply sit in the bar to be around others, especially men, but because Freedom Fantasies is a somewhat magical place the young bartender Liam, who is a hazel-eyed, charming hunk offers Brooke a “Blue Hawaii”. After a few sips of the drink and a bit of flirting with Liam, Brooke’s shy, good-girl demeanor instantly goes bye-bye.
It’s not just the fruity drink that turns Brooke into a sexually confident “older woman” of thirty who can suddenly speak her mind and aggressively pursue the pleasure she’s starved for, it’s also the magic of Freedom Fantasies and Liam’s incredibly sweet and sexy personality. Liam is smitten with Brooke at first sight and eager to bed a beautiful, sophisticated woman. He’s also equally eager to please her and get to know her as a person and this terrifies Brooke whose heart is still on the mend. Liam has a sense of humor and innocence to him that provides a strong contrast to the heartache and loss Brooke has endured in recent times. They agree to one night together in Liam’s modest apartment and it’s a sizzler. Brooke loves what Liam does for her body but fears what might happen to her shattered heart if she surrenders to a younger man. Before the night is over she finds herself pushing Liam away without telling him what she has been through. Brooke is a bit commitment shy and I found it refreshing to be genuinely worried about the man’s feelings.
Chemistry and fate guarantee Brooke and Liam can’t stay apart. When these two rent a room in the Freedom Fantasies mansion complete with a stripper pole, toys, and a swing over the bed—watch out! I’m not going to tell you what happens but I wholeheartedly encourage to buy “Spend the Night with Me”, blend up a Blue Hawaii and enjoy the steam! Fair warning: Freedom Fantasies is an uninhibited place and this is a face-fanning read.
PS. Before you run off with a handsome young bartender, don’t forget to check out the beautiful dedication at the front of the book —it made my heart pound!
Amber Skyze “Spend the Night with Me” available now from Ellora’s Cave.
More good news, more Freedom Fantasies are headed our way—“Play with Me” will be available October 15 from Ellora’s Cave.
“Ignite the Flames” a trilogy of Amber Skyze classics now available in PRINT! From Ellora’s Cave.


  1. Fabulous post...I am going to buy this one!

  2. I love the cover and storyline!! :)

  3. This sounds fantastic! I loved the other books!

  4. Wow, this is exactly why I wrote the dedication! Hugs.

  5. Brooke and Liam's story not only sounds hot, but incredibly sweet. Just my type of story. Wonderful cover.


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