Saturday, September 18, 2010

Getting back into the saddle...

Started writing again on the sequel to Hallie's Cats...Telling Cal's Story.

It's been a rough several months for me. I got stalled on two stories by my editor, and no matter how hard I tried, thinking about her comments made it very hard for me to get back into Cal's story. You may recall that Hallie's Cats was a major menage with leopard shifters? My editor thought that having the menage continue into the sequel would "detract from the romance between Cal and his lady". 

Helloooo? The name of the plot is MENAGE?

I have written 2/3 of Cal's story, but I can't put the menage back into it at this point. Ever had something like this happen to you? What would you do in this case? Don't have the same editor anymore...but so much of the book is in the can, it would be difficult to switch it now. And will fans be looking for another shifter menage? Will they get P.O.'d that it is a m/f with no hot three-ways? You tell me...and I will work something out with your feedback.




  1. Frannie - I don't know what to tell've scrapped so much of it. Go back to the beginning, write your menage as planned and send it in? As a reader, I'm expecting a continuation of the series. Or ditch the whole thing and start a new project? This is a tough tough question. Since I'm suffering some major writer's hesitation myself, I'm not much help. I think it will be okay if you write it as originally planned.

  2. The only thing I can say is keep going. If you force it, it will show and readers won't like it. If not a there another hot thing you can think of? Surprise the readers?
    Good luck. My PerfectPartners that came out today is totally sweet. It's not what I intended, but I think it worked! I guess we can only do what the characters are willing to do.

  3. I'm not a published writer but I can feel your pain. Don't force in something that doesn't fit well. You could try Cal and his lady having a one off encounter with a third person.
    I have read a series where each book is different. Some m/f, a couple m/m, and a couple m/m/f. Not all books in a series have to have the exact same romantic combo for the series to be great.

  4. Fran,
    Hallie's Cats is a favorite of mine! Cal is such a wonderful character and I can't wait for his story. You need to write him the way that YOU want to. If it feels right to put him in a soley one on one relationship, maybe the conflict could come from how different that is for not only him but Gar and Hallie also? That way you can reference their menage history while moving Cal in a different direction?
    Or I'm thinking maybe you could go voyeurism? Maybe Cal's woman doesn't want to share him literally but is open to other possibilities??

  5. Fran I get hijacked by characters all the time. I have so many WIP's going it's not funny. I always come back to them but it's never a straight shot from beginning to end. I'm still learning to accept that as a normal part of the writing process.
    I can only say, go with your gut. If you don't want to write a certain theme don't torment yourself-ditch it.
    One thing that pops into mind is to start writing about Cal's emotional conflicts and reluctance to re-enter into menage sexuality. Project your stuff onto him! Maybe loving humans has changed him? Maybe he's "tempted" to stray in monogamy and all the hard emotions that come with it... gasp! lol As long as it's emotional and sexy readers will enjoy it.
    XXOO Kat

  6. What are the character's wanting to do? If they want the menage go for it. Maybe it's best to go back and write it the way you originally wnated to and ignore the ex editor's comments. It will probably be more work but it will make you happy in the long run.

  7. Are you happy with the way the book is turning out? If you can't put the menage` theme in at this point is the story going to suffer because of it? I'm with Kat on this, go with your gut.

  8. You go with what you think is best. If you think the menage theme has to be there, go back and rewrite. But, couldn't you finish what you started and see how it turns out without it being a menage? Readers who love your your writing. They buy because of your voice and presentation.
    Whatever you decide, keep writing!

  9. Some characters just won't LET you put them into a menage situation. You have to do what's right for them, Fran. I can't tell you how many stories began with the idea of being menage and it just never worked out that way.

  10. Anything saying you have to actually put the menage in? You can hint at it or make like Cal is being teased with a menage he doesn't actually want but is having trouble saying no to. When in doubt, you can also just go find a news story on-line and rewrite it as part of your script. National Geographic as an article on a new species of leopards they just found that could be fun to work into a leopard series.

  11. Wow, that's a problem. I think you can only write what you feels right to you. If you try to force it won't turn out well, believe me. Only idea I have is Cal has a dream of them as a menage and finds he can't stand the thought. He wants her all to himself. Would that work?

  12. Fran,
    I'm not an author. I have only been a pleasure reader, beta reader, poet and a reviewer. But I can say that I don't enjoy same sex stories. I do read some menage not a lot but I would imagine that the direction you go depends upon the type of author you are. Do you plot everything out and follow a strick formula or do your characters speak to you and tell you their story? Then I would also tell ytou to follow your heart, very seldom have I ever heard anyone who did so to fail.

    Best wishes,


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