Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A true Southern gentleman...

My husband is a real Southern gentleman. I never catch him looking at other women when we’re out together.
Thank you honey, my ego appreciates it.
However his childhood best friend is incorrigible. When “S” sees an attractive woman his eyes focus like lasers to track her across the room as if he were a stalking wolf. Many women find this intense level of interest attractive. Some run for their lives. “S” has been married four times. I think that sums up how that behavior makes women feel.
I’m just as bad. When the three of us are out in public “S” is looking at women, I’m looking at men and my husband is talking to dogs and petting them.
I have to qualify what I’m looking at. I try not to be creepy but I love studying people. I’m a people watcher. I also love to paint so I’m always on the lookout for an interesting face. If I spot an interesting nose with a bump on the ridge I’m in heaven.
I love little flaws and I do not mean that in a gloating way. I truly believe so-called flaws are marks of merit. For instance I almost have a fetish for men with rough, scarred skin. Something about that look hijacks my eye every time I see it.  I don’t think, “acne scars” I think “warrior.” I got the ultimate thrill many years ago as walked into a health food store. I passed a black, convertible Porche with its engine running a phone, a wallet and an appointment book were set on the seat. I hurried into the store to warn the car’s owner of their foolish oversight. It was that wonderful villain, Robert Davi’s car. He was buying vegetable juice and he was very polite, very tall, very handsome in person and I got a very good look at his sparkling black eyes and rough, rough scarred skin…Lucky me. 
Now if only Clive Owen would come to town and leave his car engine running, I’d sure love another chance to be a good Samaritan.
I’m not just looking at superficial things such as nose bumps and scars. Now that I write I’m also on the prowl for an interesting personality or even an oddly spoken phrase. People watching is like gold mining you have to be patient and sift through a lot of dross but its sweet when it pays off. I’m a fly on the wall and I overhear lots of outrageous stuff. I enjoy listening to people as they pass and then make up the parts of conversation, in my mind, that I couldn’t hear. Sometimes I mentally put words in the speaker’s mouths, “I would have said…
Now that I’ve admitted to being a voyeur and spying on the general public, how do feel about being watched and listened to in public if it’s done in an un-judgmental way?


  1. I'm normally too oblivious to realize I'm being watched, because I'm busy spying on others! lol

    I'm terrible. My DH rarely looks at other women. when he does it has me checking her out too. Why does he find HER interesting enough to stare at? Not in a jealous way, mind you.

  2. I never think twice about being watched or watching...I do love to see interesting, unusual people! My husband always makes it a point to merely glance at women or look them directly in the eye if he's speaking to them. He doesn't want anyone to get the wrong impression.
    Oh...if ONLY I could run into Clive Owen! He is my idea of a MAN! Well, Clive and hubby!

  3. The "Inside Man" was on TV the other night so I got a little Clive Owen fix. Why isn't that man in more movies??? He's a perfect tough guy with a heart. lol
    XXOO Kat

  4. I too enjoy people watching/listening!

  5. I got a good chuckle out of this!
    For me, I never thought I was a watcher...until my husband began to say, "Honey, you are obvious as hell."
    Now I try to keep my shades on, which helps. Of course I live in Texas too. BRIGHT, BABY! BRIGHT DOWN HERE. so watching easier.

  6. Yeap I wear Jackie "O" sunglasses in public too... lol


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